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Beginners Guide to Lean Greens

February 24, 2022 4 min read

Beginners Guide to Lean Greens

Everything you need to know, to get the most out of your Lean Greens supplement.

If you're here, that means you've taken the first step towards a healthier you. 

You've purchased your first tub of Lean Greens - Woohoo! 

And in our books, that means you're pretty awesome... 😎

Your New World With Supplements

Like many of our new customers, this might be your first nutritional supplement purchase.

...and you've probably got loads of questions?

So to ensure you get the most value out of your order, please make sure you look at this page explaining how to use your Lean Greens products.

Like, did you know that it's actually normal for your taste buds to change as you become healthier?

This is why some people find our signature Lean Greens product changes taste as you use it.

Is It Your First Time Drinking Lean Greens?

I get it. You might be apprehensive about drinking some murky green liquid.

Now, this bit is IMPORTANT!

If you sip it, sniff it, linger over the colour the harder it getsTRUST ME, it really isn't as bad as you'd expect. You may even be pleasantly surprised. 

The better your diet and overall health, the more 'neutral' it will taste.

But what if you don't like it?

Best advice..... stick at it! The taste always improves when you drink it regularly.

Remember Your First Drink?

Depending on how good your memory is, you may remember what your first drink tasted like. 

When I say drink, I mean an alcoholic beverage. 

What was it? 

A Gin & Tonic? 

Maybe you got duped by the Baileys adverts on TV? 

Or a sneaky Sherry at Christmas from your auntie? 

You might be like me, where your first drink came about WAY before legal drinking age, right 😉 

You rebel! 

I sat down with my mates, (all of us not quite the legal age), and proceeded to drink the black stuff. 

Blurrgghhhh... Not exactly a glass of milk and Oreo cookies, I'd imagined. 

The thing is, within a few weeks of growing confidence and regularly ordering a jar of thick black tar-like fluid, I actually started to enjoy it. It put hairs on my chest

For some people, this is what happens with Lean Greens. (minus the chest hair)

Some folk love it, right out the gate. 

But some folk are not convinced, maybe that's you? 

The Science Behind It...

How you taste something depends on a number of factors.

The main one is the chemicals in your mouth. 

They are the first line of defence against the acidic foods you are taking in... 

So if you drink lots of coke, coffee, eat cake, bread, pasta, or even if you smoke, your mouth will have all manner of chemicals in your mouth to fight the acidic substances. 

When you take Lean Greens for the first time, you may very well find it a bit "bitter". 

However, after a few days, your body and taste buds adapt, and you quickly find it much easier to drink. 

The weird thing is...

After a week or so of taking Lean Greens, you may find that other stuff 'tastes' different. 

Coffee will taste stronger. Cakes and cookies will seem REALLY sweet. Plus your cravings for bread and pasta will diminish. 

You'll definitely notice some changes over the next week of continuous Lean Greens consumption.

So don't forget once a day, first thing.

How To Take Lean Greens

Step 1: Put 250ml ice-cold water in a shaker with a lid

Step 2: Add a slightly heaped scoop of our super greens powder

Step 3: Shake it up vigorously for 15 seconds

Step 4: Knock it back in one go. Add it to juices and smoothies for taste

Broccoli Soaked In Unicorn Tears?

We'd love to tell you that broccoli in Lean Greens is picked by Icelandic virgins and soaked in the tears of a unicorn for three weeks.

But it's not...

It's broccoli.

Lean Greens is made from vegetables (and other green stuff)

Vegetables are not that exciting.

It's the reason so few of us get enough vegetables each day. It's not exactly salted caramel ice cream, is it!😒

The reason why we created Lean Greens is that vegetables are a struggle for so many people. If you get in loads of veg every day, you probably don't need Lean Greens.

However, it's our way to guarantee that you can get nutrients every day.

Raw, freeze-dried, dehydrated vegetables and other green stuff.


(No Icelandic virgins required.)

The Rest Is Up To You...

There you have your crash course guide to Lean Greens, as the title says...

The rest is up to you! 

Our top tips for success with Lean Greens 💚

1. Keep it by your kettle ☕️

If you keep your tub of Lean Greens somewhere you'll see it every day, you're much more likely to take it. Why not mix it up whilst you're waiting for the kettle to boil? 

2. Use ice-cold water 🧊

If you make your Lean Greens with slightly warm water, it's probably going to remind you of the green film you see on the top a pond, and nobody ever asked for a warm beer. The colder the water, the better it'll taste.

3. Just drink it! 🥤

A little bit like taking shots when you were 18 - you don't want to sniff it or sip it, but instead just knock it back in one go. 

4. Mix it 🧃

If you're really struggling with the taste, to begin with, you can try either starting off with half a scoop and/or mixing it with juice.

I personally mix mine with either Ribena or and electrolyte powder. You can even add a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime - or to completely disguise the taste you can mix it with orange juice! 🍊

5. Be Patient 💪🏻

Don't expect it to taste like chocolate cake or your favourite beverage, it can take time for your tastebuds to adapt.

As I said earlier, for those who smoke, drink a lot or eat high processed sugar foods - Lean Greens is probably not going to taste great for you, AT FIRST.

With a bit of patience and persistent, it will become your favourite part of the day 💚

Still got a question?  Please contact us at support@leangreens.co.uk and we'd love to help you!  

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