Drift Off Formula - Magnesium Citrate Supplement

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"I wake up so refreshed!"

"*Brilliant, I can't believe I wake up so refreshed! Even if I wake in the night for the loo , I soon drop back to sleep. It takes me less time to get motivated in the morning. Drift off formula is brilliant!!"

M.G. - (UK)

Benefits of Drift Off Formula

- Restful Sleep

Aids in the natural processes to fall asleep quicker and more soundly.

- Muscle Relaxation

Designed to promote relaxation of your muscles

- Reduced DOMS

Helping your recovery from your training efforts

- Replenish Magnesium

Top up where modern life strips us of vital magnesium.

Upgrade Your Sleep

The Deeper Sleep Formula

How to take Drift Off - Magnesium Citrate Supplements for best results

Is it better to take magnesium at night? #UpgradeYourNutrition #MagnesiumSupplement #DriftOff

Step 1: Drift Off is best taken about an hour before bed

Magnesium Dosage: How Much Should You Take per Day? #UpgradeYourNutrition #Supplements

Step 2: Grab just 2 capsules of Drift Off Formula.

Can you take magnesium supplements on an empty stomach? #UpgradeYourNutrition #HowMuchTurmeric

Step 3: Pour yourself some water to wash down the easy to swallow capsules

Should I take magnesium on an empty stomach #UpgradeYourNutrition #Healthy

Step 4: Wash down the capsules with food or water.

What Is In Drift Off Formula?

Why supplement with Magnesium #UpgradeYourNutrition #DriftOff #MagnesiumCapsules

Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium is a mineral with a number of proven and approved health benefits. As many people are deficient in magensium through environmental and lifestyle factors, supplementing with magnesium is a good way to top up your natural stores.

Health benefits are numerous, including maintenance of bones and teeth, protein synthesis, electrolyte balance. Customers of Drift off report a wide range of positive effects.

Zinc Citrate health benefits #UpgradeYourNutrition #LeanGreens #ZincSupplement

Zinc as Citrate

Like Magnesium, Zinc is a mineral, again with a wide range of proven and approved health benefits. We can get zinc from our diet, but some will find benefit from supplementation.

It's widely studied benefits include, maintenance of skin, nails, hair and bones. As well as cognitive function, carb metabolism, protein synthesis, vision, fertility and immune system benefits. This is truely the wonder mineral, and if you read the reviews from our customers you'll see the real life effects it has on them

Vitamin B6 health benefits? #UpgradeYourNutrition #LeanGreens #VitaminB6

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a water coluable vitamin that is not produced by your body, you must get it through diet or supplementation. Once again it has a wide range of proven and approved health benefits

Combined with the other ingredients, Vitamin B6 makes Drift Off a powerhouse supplement in a tiny capsule. Vitamin B6 is shown to assist the immune system, reduces fatigue, protein, fat and carb metabolism, cell division and hormonal activity. This last one is where females may find the main benefit from supplementing with Drift Off

"Surprisingly Effective"

"* I'm a really light sleeper, find it difficult to drift off and often wake for a couple of hours in the middle of the night. Being a fan of lean greens powder, I thought I'd give these a whirl as they're vitamin/mineral based. I've only used them for 3 nights, and they are remarkable. I've had 3, full-nights sleep of between 6 and 8 hours which for me, is a rarity."

S F Cole - (Amazon reviewer)

"Fantastic, highly recommended"

"* Ive been taking these each night for about 3 weeks now. I don't tend to have issues getting to sleep, it's more staying asleep that I have a problem with and these supplements have definitely helped with that. I wake feeling much better rested as well. Just for that alone I would recommend these however in addition I've noticed a definite improvement in my anxiety levels over the past couple of weeks - so these have improved my life in 2 ways! Definitely recommend and would say to give them a couple of weeks to build in your system."

Mrs W - (Amazon Reviewer)

Our Amazing Drift Off Reviews

Common Questions

Here's a collection of the most commonly asked questions about Drift Off Formula. If you can't find the answer here, feel free to drop us a support message through our contact us page.

What exactly is in Drift Off Formula?
Each capsule of Drift Off contains the following ingredients:
  • Magnesium as Citrate - 125mg
  • Zinc as Citrate - 5mg
  • Vitamin B6 - 4mg
  • Veg capsule shell (contains Hypromellose)
  • Brown rice flour
  • Magnesium Sterate (veg source)
Is Drift Off Formula vegetarian/vegan?
Drift Off is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Can Drift Off help with 'X' condition?
Unfortunately we're unable to make any prescription or health claim related to this product. Please check with a registered health professional before changing your diet or trying new supplements. This product should not be seen as something to treat, prevent, diagnose or cure any disease or symptoms. There are plenty of studies available online that may or may not demonstrate the benefits of supplementing your diet with our products.
How much does delivery cost?
We charge a flat rate of £3.99 to ship orders within the UK. If your total order value is over £70 your shipping is FREE.
Where is Lean Greens based?
We are a UK registered company, operating since 2012. All our products are manufactured in the UK to UK food health and safety standards. All batches of ingredients are tested before use for contaminates.
Is it safe to order through your website?
Our website is SSL certified. We only use the most secure and reputable PCI compliant payments systems. We don't hold or store credit card information for any customers at any time.
Is this a subscription product? Will I be charged monthly?
No. This is simply a one time purchase. We do however have a subscription option available once you've trialled the product fully.

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Lean Greens Drift Off Formula - Magnesium Citrate Supplement Review

No longer a sceptic

I'm a mental health support worker so work various shifts and have hectic days. I sleep on site some days so can't have a traditional sleeping tablet as may need to be woken so did some research and found this product. At first i wondered how that combination of ingredients could help but IT DOES!!! Swear by it now. Get to sleep well and no groggy feeling in the morning like other sleep aids

Hannah W.
United Kingdom

Best sleep ever

I love this product really helps you go into a deep sleep

Annette E.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

The elusive sleep ....

So why should you take Drift off ? They say 'Different strokes for different folks ! Well I had a very over active brain. Solving problems which would wake me up in the middle of the night. Worried about something I forgot to do but couldn't remember what ! Getting anxious over nothing but I would loose sleep over it. My wife suggested taking these and me been a bit sceptical, did some research of my own and lost some more sleep. In the end I thought , Give it a go! So I did. I survive on between 3-5 hours a night of ok'ish sleep. But now I get about 6-7 hours with some deep sleep too! Hey not bad going! I still do some 4-5 hour nights too when I am worried or thinking about some things but I am definitely sleeping better than ever! Thank you LeanGreens

United Kingdom United Kingdom

I Couldn't Survive Without It!

I have always had trouble sleeping from a young age. I'm a constant worrier and get very anxious around bed time. I find it both very difficult to get to sleep and also to remain asleep. Since taking Drift Off, I find myself in a much more relaxed state and feel able to sleep far easier. I normally take two an hour or so before I go to bed, and end up waking up not even remember getting into bed in the first place! The quality of sleep they provide is incredible. I wake up feeling rested and energised. They also help me greatly with feelings of anxiety and I feel generally more settled with hormones! I cannot go a night without taking this fantastic product, and cannot recommend the company or the wonderful customer service I received enough. Thank You Lean Greens!


Out like a light

WOW - took two went to bed and don't remember a thing for 9 hours !!! It was just what my body needed - have recommended them to some friends too

Carol W.
United Kingdom