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What Is Maltodextrin?

Lean Greens Powder

We get asked at least once a week, what is Maltodextrin, and why do we use it in Lean Greens?

Both very good questions, and something we aim to explain on this page.

When we first created Lean Greens we didn't want a product like all the other greens drinks on the market. i.e. something that had the texture of a field of hay and the taste of the sludge found at the bottom of your fish tank.

We wanted to create something for people who wouldn't normally consume a greens drink. Up until 2012, you needed to be a tree-hugger or have absolutely no taste buds to drink greens... they were AWFUL.

Thing is, the people who can benefit from greens would try it once and then shove the tub under the kitchen sink, never to be drunk again.

Utterly pointless.

In 2012 we had a dilema. Creating something nice tasting, with a smooth texture would require an ingredient that is not "perfect".

And that is Maltodextrin.

The nutritional purists hate the fact we use Maltodextrin, because it isn't perfect.

So Where Does Maltodextrin come from?

Sweet Potatoes Loaded With StarchIt's a wheat or corn derived ingredient, a starch. You know, the stuff you find in potatoes, pints of beer, salad dressing and SlimFast!

The reality is a SINGLE sweet potato has TWICE the starch compared to a single scoop of Lean Greens. And you've probably witnessed more than a few 'health experts' recommend eating Sweet potatoes?

Focussing on the maltodextrin is kinda missing the point with Lean Greens. It's designed as a delivery mechanism, so you get the benefits of all the awesome active ingredients contained in Lean Greens, without having to suffer the crusty texture and god awful taste.

The outcome is a product that you CAN drink and benefit from every day, rather than something you try once and never take again.

If you take exception to our use of Maltodextrin, your only alternative is to eat a perfectly clean diet every day, with plates full of vegetables. Either way we've achieved our goal of getting more nutrients in to you.

I hope you give Lean Greens a try and see the benefits for yourself