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Greens supplements are notorious for tasting very much like they look…

...swamp water!

And whilst you might be sold on the benefits of taking a greens drink on a daily basis, there’s no chance you will if you have to stand over the sink every morning just in case you get a gag reflex.

Thing is, we could ALL benefit from this nutrient dense, cravings killing, bloat banishing wonder juice.

Unfortunately most ‘normal’ folk like you and I just can’t stomach the taste of most of the powdered greens available today.

Pop in to your local high street health shop and you’ve probably seen the number of these greens concoctions grow and grow. But it’s impossible to know which one to try.

Trial A Super Greens That's Focussed On Taste

In 2012 two health professionals got fed up with recommending greens drinks to their clients, only for them to be chucked in the bin or hidden at the back of the cupboard under the kitchen sink. So they set about creating a different kind of super greens that focussed on taste.

Because it doesn’t matter how ‘good for you’ a supplement, food or drink is… if it tastes so bad you don’t take it, you’ll NEVER get the full benefit.

Since it’s launch, Lean Greens has been featured by some of the UK's biggest magazines, and supported by the top Personal Trainers in the country. It’s now one of the most reviewed greens products in the UK.

Lean Greens Reviews

Don't Waste Another Penny On Poor Tasting Greens

We’ve gone one step further to encourage you to TRY Lean Greens for the first time. We’re offering a 60 day guarantee for our Trial Pack.

We’ll refund EVERY penny even if you just don’t like the taste.

As far as we know, there’s no other greens drink in the UK that offers this level of risk free purchase.

The Lean Greens Trial Pack comes with our favourite shaker, the brilliant slim SmartShake.

It’ll mix your Lean Greens perfectly every time, with no lumps, or bits.

The 15 day supply of Lean Greens will give you plenty of time to start seeing the benefits of super greens WITHOUT the downside of poor taste.

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Greens Powder With A 60 Day Taste Guarantee
  • Easy to mix with no bits and lumps

  • Neutral taste making it perfect for mixing with juices and smoothies

  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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And if you need a reminder of all those amazing benefits from regularly drinking a super greens:

The 13 Benefits Of Adding A Super Greens To Your Daily Habits

1. Phytonutrients are great for staying healthy, greens are packed full of them.

2. Many ingredients in Greens come from high fibre vegetables

3. Often containing amazing Digestive Enzymes for a healthy gut

4. Weight Loss can be a great by-product of the craving busting attributes of a super greens

5. It's an easy way to top up the nutrients from vegetables, 5 a day is not longer a chore

6. More absorbable nutrients than those from a multi-vitamin pill

7. Conquer all your cravings by pounding your body with a wide nutrient profile from super greens

8. Stop needing caffeine and sugar to give you wings... Super greens will give you a steady flow of energy

9. Reducing bloating is possible with the digestive enzymes in a greens

10. Absorbing more nutrients, can help your hair, skin and nails flourish

11. Better toilet habits. The chlorophyll found in greens is perfect for cleansing the liver

12. Many ingredients in greens provide a natural and raw source of protein.

13. It's Alkalising, with much of our diet being acidic, greens are a great way to reduce inflammation

Try our 15 Day Trial Pack, containing our favourite shaker, to mix your greens perfectly. Protected by our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Even if you don't like the taste.

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Our Customers Love Lean Greens

Lean Greens Testimonials


H Fellows - "Would definitely recommend Lean Greens best greens drink I've tasted"

* My partner and I have been using Lean Greens for over a year now, I suffered with IBS and since taking Lean Greens it has helped me considerably, totally reduced bloating. We drink a glass each morning, first glass we had tasted a bit strange but now it's the first drink of the morning which sets us up for the day. Would definitely recommend Lean Greens best Green drink I've tasted.

Bridget Thomson - "Health boost for everyone"

* Lean green's was recommended in Good Housekeeping sometime ago and I bought it based on that review. I take it everyday and find it keeps me on the straight and narrow with regards to my eating. I'm just an ordinary over 50's woman tryIng to keep healthy- I walk but no time for anything else fitness wise. Lean green's gives me a boost each morning and if I'm feeling a bit low I take another scoop before bed. Tim and Sam provide an excellent service. Would recommend this as the best start for the New Year.

M S Hoskins - "My day isn't complete without my daily Lean Greens"

* I love this product...! It took a few goes on what dilution of the product worked for me, but once mastered I don't look back. I have this every morning and if I ever miss a morning (heaven forbid) I actually miss it. I'm starting on having it in the afternoon too. Thank you for an amazing product, I will be ordering it again!

Mrs V. Jaimes - "Love Lean Greens"

* I have been taking Lean Greens since February and find I can't live without it! I suffer from IBS & bloating & find this is the only thing that helps calm my stomach/intestines!! Can't recommend it enough

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Lean Greens Work?

It contains a secret blend of ingredients that are designed to give you as wide a range of nutrients in just one 30 second drink. It's a bit like giving yourself platefuls of fresh vegetables first thing in the morning.

Is Lean Greens Safe For Me?

Yes. With literally thousands of happy customers and producing great products since 2012. In 99.9% of cases Lean Greens is perfectly safe. It is at its core just vegetables. However we don't know your own personal health situation, so please check.

What's exactly in Lean Greens??

Active Ingredients Include:
Wheatgrass, Barley Grass, Spirulina, Chlorella, Alfalfa
Spinach, Broccoli, Carrot
Blackcurrant, Blueberry
Digestive Enzyme Blend
Green Tea Extract, Siberian Ginseng, Stevia Leaf

Can I Mix Lean Greens With 'X' ?

We designed so Lean Greens can be drunk with just plain cold water. However because its taste is pretty neutral, it can be easily mixed with juices, smoothies, protein powders, cakes, muffins and even scrambled eggs (yes someone tried it)

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