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  • Drift Off has been designed to provide the numerous health and lifestyle benefits of supplementing with a Magnesium, Zinc combination of minerals and vitamins. *** Please Note that this is a subscription product and you'll be automatically be billed at the frequency you select. You can cancel this at any time by contacting our support team

    • 250mg Magnesium Citrate
    • 10mg Zinc Citrate
    • 8mg Vitamin B6

    per 2 Capsule Serving

  • Primary Benefits Of Magnesium:

    • Restful Sleep
    • Improved Muscle Relaxation
    • Reduced DOMS
    • Replenishing Natural Magnesium Stores


  • Shipping for subscription products is FREE, but only available to the UK

About Drift Off Formula?

Lean Greens' "Drift Off Formula", is a product designed specifically for customers who've loved our signature greens powder product, Lean Greens. Drift Off has been designed to provide the numerous health and lifestyle benefits of supplementing with a Magnesium, Zinc combination of minerals and vitamins.

You'll find 250mg of Magnesium Citrate per serving, providing the sweet spot in recommended daily dosage, along with 10mg of Zinc and 8mg of Vitamin B6

The owner of Lean Greens, personally commissioned the "Drift Off Formula" for his own use. Having been a long term sufferer of poor sleep habits, the only long term relief came from supplementing with a Magnesium and Zinc combination. If you don't want to rely on prescription sleeping tablets and want to have a healthy and active lifestyle, you too may find benefit from Drift Off.

Ideally the product is taken approximately 1 hour before bed. Although you may wish to experiment with timing based on your current sleep habits.

30 Days Supply - 2 Capsules taken daily.

Why Drift Off Formula

  • RESTFUL SLEEP is something many people struggle to achieve. Supplementing with a Magnesium product like "Drift Off Formula" aids in the natural processes to fall asleep quicker and more soundly.
  • MUSCLE RELAXATION - Lean Greens "Drift Off Formula" contains your RDA of Zinc, 66% of your Magnesium RDA and more than enough Vitamin B6. Designed to promote relaxation of your muscles.
  • REDUCED DOMS or "Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness" is some of the anecdotal responses to using a mineral supplement containing zinc and magnesium. If you do hard training sessions, supplementing with a mineral product like this may help recovery
  • REPLENISHES MAGNESIUM STORES - Because of modern western diets not containing enough magnesium replenishing ingredients, many practitioners recommend supplementing to restore your body's magnesium levels
  • IDEAL FOR - If you're a healthy person, but with a busy and sometimes stressful life, you may benefit from supplementing with this type of product.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Drift Off

Laura Loo - "Literally A Dream"

* Literally a dream! Been taking these religiously for the past week before bed and have always had a solid good nights rest waking up feeling energised for the day ahead! Super bonus is I feel like my DOMS are much less meaning I can train just as hard the next day!

Angela - "I Absolutely Believe In This Product"

* Can I tell you here that I absolutely believe in this product,as I have mentioned before I work 12hr shifts mixture of days and nights,I have no problem when sleeping when I'm dayshift however my problem occurs after a string of nights and trying to get back into a "normal" sleep pattern well not anymore!! For the first time in a long time I can now come off nightshift,sleep for a 5/6hr period,get up spend the rest of my day as I please,have a couple of Drift Offs around 22:30 and sleep right through until 07:30 AMAZING as normally I'd be up around 2 or 3 wide awake. I have recommended this product to everyone else on my ward,hopefully they will take my advise and purchase some for themselves!! Nothing better than a good nights sleep! Thanks guys!:zzz::smile:

Sue - "sleep has improved considerably"

* the drift off formula is amazing!!! my quality of sleep has improved considerably in a very short time. Thank you

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Snoozy delight!

Had my reservations but so far so good, a must try for light sleepers

Victoria H.
United Kingdom

A good nights sleep

A great supplement to help with a quality sleep,I'd recommend anyone to try it and see for themselves .C

Celine W.
United Kingdom

Time for reflection

I am still using this product but not every evening. I need to learn more about. I am still trying to manage poor sleeping patterns and I need advice about whether to use drift off with other products. Thank you for this opportunity to think and do something positive about it.

Jeanie D.
United Kingdom