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Omega 3 Fish Oils

✅ 750mg EPA/DHA per capsule
✅ Optimal brain function support
✅ Omega 3 support healthy eye function
✅ Maintenance of normal cardiac function
✅ Fast UK delivery

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This is liquid gold in a capsule. Heart health, brain function, & joint health

How Good fats Omega 3 Works

Transform your body and mind

Nutrition Information


Product FAQs

The main reason for fishy after tastes when taking a fish oil supplement is due to cheap, low-quality omega 3s. Add to that many Omega 3 supplements will go off over time. Avoid Omega 3 supplements that are marketed as 12 months supply. Ideally, you should be consuming an opened tub of Good Fats within 90-120 days. After that, we can't guarantee freshness.

There are a lot of questions about heavy metals found in Omega 3 sources. All UK-manufactured fish oils have to conform to the maximum PCB levels set by the EU Food Standards Authority. All batches of Good Fats use sources that are well below the required PCB levels. Whilst all foods contain a low level of contamination, so long as you stay within the advised consumption, there is no undue risk. Our advice is to stay away from non-UK-manufactured Omega 3 supplements.

Unfortunately, we're unable to make any prescription or health advice related to this product. Please check with a registered health professional before changing your diet or trying new supplements. This product should not be seen as something to treat, prevent, diagnose or cure any disease or symptoms. There are plenty of studies available online that may or may not demonstrate the benefits of supplementing your diet with our products.

General Information

Lean Greens is a UK based, nutrition business, owned and run by it's founders since in 2012. We believe that keeping on top of our health enables us to do more in life. If you're someone who likes to be active, keep up with your kids, and not be limited by aches, pains, illness, or general poor health, then the products from us at Lean Greens are right for you. Meet the team here

All products are made here in the UK, and whilst our ingredients are sourced from across the world, the analysis of every batch of ingredients is held to the UK's strict quality assurance.

We currently use three mail services which are Royal Mail, Parcel Force, and DPD. Which one we use is dependent on the size and weight of your parcel. Any orders received before 2 pm weekdays will be shipped out the same day! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Mark Hands
Good fats.

Great product super strong can tell a difference in a week from other suppliers these are much more superior. Can recommend i will reorder.

Can’t do without them!

I take these with my Lean Greens juice,amber boost and billions capsules every morning as part of my routine. They are tasteless and odorless which for me is SO important. This combo works wonders for me,love the savings and ease of the subscription membership too.

Gill Kelly
Good Fats- Lean Greens

Fantastic product that does exactly what it says - highly recommended

Cheryl Morrison
Fab product! No bitter aftertaste!

I’ve tried other brands of fish oils and found them to repeat on me and leave a horrible, bitter taste in my mouth! Good fats don’t do that at all, I put that down to the quality of them. I had also been diagnosed with dry eyes and been given a lifetime prescription of eye drops. Since taking good fats I haven’t needed the prescription anymore! Bonus!

Darryl P
The best you can you get!

Wasn’t sure if I would notice a difference before buying but after a few weeks of taking 3tables everyday it’s very noticeable that they do work..joints feel amazing