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Gut Health Bundle

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What are the best supplements for gut health in the UK? We've created a unique bundle of Lean Greens products designed to help promote a healthy gut. Give it a try today.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Imogen B.
Just terrific!!

If I could give 10 stars I would! From really quick delivery to brilliant daily emails gives the company just a really good vibe! The lean greens powder is really easy to take and I honestly feel just 2 weeks in that I have more energy and motivation to get things done. I sleep better as I do more in the day (13km run yesterday!!) basically I am totally committed to this product and the company!! Love it!!

David K.
Love lean greens

I saw Lean Greens on a google search, i was working long hours and found it hard to get enough time to make sure I was eating enough greens. Lean greens is easy to take and gives me everything I need and also tastes good. It’s become part of my routine now, so I will definitely make more purchases.

Jennifer A.
Get rid of that bloating!!

Was running out of options to stop horrible bloating which was becoming more painful after I ate. I’ve used the Super Greens before but the addition of the Billions and Amber Boost really seems to be making a difference. Happy Days!

Jane W.
First time with gut bundle and I’ll be back

I’m a long time user of lean greens and would not be without it but first time with the gut stuff - why spend more I asked myself? But after months of stomach bloating and discomfort decided to give it a go - 3 weeks in and I’m settled. Remarkably I’m also starting to lose weight after months of being “stuck” on my diet ... coincidence maybe but I feel better and will be back for more. Ps I have considerable “tummy” issues- no appendix, no gall bladder, damaged intestines and half a colon - it all makes a difference x

Michelle R.

I’m so sad that the taste has changed and I can no longer drink the lean greens - very disappointed