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The Best Greens Powder in the UK - 2023

January 02, 2023 7 min read

Want to know which is the best greens powder in the UK, in 2023

Each year we take a look at all the products on the market, and compare them to Lean Greens, here are our findings

Back in 2012, when Lean Greens first launched, there were very few options for a greens supplement in the UK. You would rarely find any in the health food shop, and most of them tasted so bad, that most people would only manage one sip before deciding to never touch one again.

Lean Greens was launched with the aim of creating a drinkable instant vegetable juice, that even a five-year-old would look forward to drinking every day (YES, we even had a five-year-old taste test Lean Greens)

Today, there are more options available. And whilst Lean Greens still caters for those looking for an easy, fresh-tasting instant vegetable juice, other brands are providing for customers with other requirements, and we're happy to share them with you here.

Given that the majority of the UK population are unaware of what a super greens powder is, there's still quite a range available.

We're in a unique position to have trialled many of them in the name of research for Lean Greens. So rather than keeping all that information to ourselves, we thought it might be useful for you.

We accept that some folk just don't want Lean Greens, so here are the alternatives...

Super Greens Powder UK

7 Of The Best Greens Powder Supplements Available in the UK in 2022

Most Exclusive: Welleco Super Elixir

"Created by Dr Simone Laubscher PhD, it helps support overall gut health, provides immune support, enhances energy, and helps support the appearance of healthy skin, and stronger hair and nails. "

Best Quality: Amazing Grass Raw Reserve

"An exquisite mix of greens from land freshwater and sea as well as superfoods & root vegetables"

Easiest Tasting: Pukka Herbs Clean Greens

"Clean Greens naturally support the body's ability to cope better with our polluted environment and supplement our diet. This broad-spectrum formula contains the highest organic grade, sustainably cultivated fruits and herbs"

Most Fruity: Rheal Superfoods Super U

"The power of 8 superfoods to bring you this nutrient-dense blend, created to support the immune system, boost energy levels and to help maintain regular metabolism"

Spirulina Heavy: Synergy Natural

“Provides a wide spectrum of highly bioavailable whole food nutrients, balanced by Nature and absorbed more effectively than those found in synthetic formulations”

Cruelty-Free Product: VegoLife Super Greens

"Get your daily nutrient boost with Vegolife’s Super Greens Blend. Packed with a massive 16 different ingredients including kale, carrot, ginger, broccoli, spirulina and much more"

Premium: Athletic Greens

"Probably the best known super greens due to the heavily marketed influencer program, also an expensive option, but certainly one of the best on the market"

Welleco Super Elixir

Welleco Super Elixir


Almost the most expensive product I've found on the market at £96 for 300g of greens.

With the company fronted by Elle Macpherson and the tub replaced with a glass "vessel" (their words not mine) looking more like a large perfume bottle, I wondered if that justified the price. 

The packaging is so incredible...

We split two-thirds of the contents over the kitchen floor just trying to get it out of the box. That was 64 quids worth of 'precious' greens wasted...

The remaining 100g or so is actually a revelation.

No harsh flavours, and a distinctly rich, creamy quality to the drink. When you've suffered through the gag-reflex-inducing qualities of the cheap and nasty greens on the market, this is quite a relief. 

Even with a refill bag costing over £60, I'm not sure it could be a monthly purchase many would justify.

Welleco - £96 (sometimes cheaper on amazon)

Amazing Grass Raw Reserve

Amazing Grass Raw Reserve

Amazing Grass is the envied top dog in the world of greens drinks.

Coming from the US you'll find it in Whole Foods, on Amazon and in plenty of chain stores across the globe.

When Lean Greens grows up, it wants to be like Amazing Grass.

Their "Raw Reserve" greens is a premium version of its signature greens. It mixes well and whilst it still has some spiky flavours, it's one of the more accessible greens on the market.

They have added a 'probiotic' blend to Raw Reserve, with a broad spectrum of active cultures for upgrading your gut health as well as getting your greens in.

The glass jar obviously adds to the premium feel of this product.

Amazing Grass Raw Reserve - £35.45

Pukka Herbs Clean Greens

Pukka Clean Greens

This product is one close to my heart, as it's the first greens drink I ever bought before Lean Greens ever existed (we're talking 10+ years ago).

With a simple ingredient list, it's not trying too hard. Unlike some others packing in way too many ingredients just for ingredient list bingo.

It's got one of the smoothest tastes, with wheatgrass and nettle leaf as the primary ingredients.

It does also have a hint of minty freshness from the peppermint leaf. Some find the mint a bit off-putting and can make it harder to mix with juices and smoothies.

At an RRP of £27.95 for just 112g of greens, it can get expensive if you're drinking it a couple of times a day.

Pukka Herbs - £27.95

Rheal Superfoods (Formerly Super U)

Rheal Superfood

This is a relatively new product for me.

With the brand founders based in my old stomping ground of South Shields in the North East of England.

I love the branding and packaging for their Clean Greens product. 

It's an especially fruity drink with Baobab, Pineapple and Camu Camu Berry in with the usual greens.

If you've not heard of Baobab before it has quite a tart flavour... although it's the pineapple again that cuts through this green drink.

Rheal Superfoods (formerly Super U) - £24.99

Synergy Natural

Synergy Natural

I was hesitant to include this product from Synergy Natural. Mainly because it's for serious greens drinkers only.

Spirulina is an acquired taste, and despite it being in our own product, it's brave making it the primary ingredient, as you'll likely put people off. 

To counter this Synergy Natural use a lot of Stevia to sweeten the mix. It's borderline too sweet. You don't need too much stevia to reduce the harshness of the spirulina.

The sweetness will mean most normal people can drink this without a problem, but the more you drink it, the more sickly it becomes.

Despite this, it is a great blend and worthy of our list.

Synergy - £21.95

VegoLife Super Greens

Vego Life Super Greens

Most greens powders are vegan, or vegetarian at the very least... Which is fine for most people following a vegan-based nutrition plan.

However, if you're an ethical vegan you'll probably want to look at VegoLife which claims to be Cruelty-Free too. 

This product contains 16 different ingredients, and with a 5g serving, a tub should last you 50 servings.

Vego Life - £15.99

Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens AG1

Probably the super greens most people hear about, considering how heavily they market the product, with an extensive influencer marketing campaign.

I almost didn't include them in this list because their European base is in the Netherlands, not the UK, and can take 10 days or more to ship to the UK.

They do have a great product though and it's a formulation that has evolved over the last 10 years. The main sticking point is the price, especially if you don't want to buy on subscription, a bag will cost £97 for 30 days supply.

This along with Welleco's product are certainly the premium end of the market, if that's your thing.

A Word Of Caution

As tempting as it seems we'd strongly recommend staying away from the budget focussed super greens.

Yes, you can buy a super greens for under £8 for a bag of suspect greenish powder, but it's likely that bag will remain under your sink, or in the bin after the first try.

Health Claims

This is a contentious area in the world of supergreens, especially when it comes to the UK vs the US.

We have very different labelling and food standards regulations here in the UK. It means we can't actually make any health claims relating to what super greens can do for you.

You may find various blends that have been imported from the US have a more relaxed approach to our regulations.

Very simply, if a brand is making some pretty wild claims, steer well clear.

Taste Of Supergreens Powder 

It's a greens powder, none of them will taste as good as a Gin & Tonic, or a cold beer, on a warm summer's day. However, there is a huge variance in taste across the available products. 

Depending on how hardcore a greens drinker you are, you may wish to try the more spirulina-heavy products in the list, such as Synergy Natural. 

On the other end of the spectrum, there are the super mild Clean Greens from Pukka Herbs... interestingly this was one of the first greens I tried before Lean Greens was even an idea in my head.

Athletic Greens Alternative UK

Macro Nutrients in a Super Greens

It's vegetables dude!

So there's always gonna be carbs in your greens drink. And most likely some naturally occurring sugars too.

It's rare to see sugar being ADDED to a greens drink, normally the sweetness comes from Stevia Leaf. 

On the protein front, there are products that do try to inflate the protein intake of the greens by adding in vegetable-based proteins, such as the gritty-tasting pea protein.


So there are your top UK super greens supplements!

The one thing you can say about greens drink, is no two products are the same.

They all tend to have a unique blend, flavour and texture. Find the one you can drink on a regular basis and go for that.

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