Amber Boost - Vitamin D3 and Turmeric

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"I have got my life back!"

"*I went from having to take pain meds one weekend because of the pain of my flare up to being symptom free within days of taking these tablets (Amber Boost). I now swear by them and even my spinal consultant has supported use of them!I am thrilled and feel like I have got my life back and am pain free!"

Bec W - (Swansea)

Benefits of Amber Boost Turmeric

- Complete Turmeric

Contains all the vital curcumin, often eliminated by other brands

- 20 Time Absorption Formula

Ultra absorption for maximum benefit

- Added Sunshine

Unique blend contains daily dose of Vitamin D3

- Quality not Quantity

Just 2 capsules per day for an effective dose.

Upgrade Your Turmeric

Live life fuller with Amber Boost Turmeric

How to take Amber Boost Turmeric Supplement for best results

When should I take turmeric capsules? #UpgradeYourNutrition #TurmericSupplement #Amber Boost

Step 1: Amber Boost can be taken at any time, but normally first thing in the morning is good to remember

Should I take turmeric with food? #UpgradeYourNutrition #LeanGreens #Supplements

Step 2: It is best taken with food, containing some fat content helps with improving absorption.

How much turmeric should you take a day? #UpgradeYourNutrition #HowMuchTurmeric

Step 3: One serving is 2 capsules per day. It is just fine to take both at the same time

Should I take turmeric on an empty stomach #UpgradeYourNutrition #Healthy

Step 4: Wash down with a drink. Something like our signature Lean Greens would be great.

What Is In Amber Boost?

Raw Turmeric Powder with Curcumin #UpgradeYourNutrition #LeanGreens #Curcumin

Pure Turmeric Powder

This brightly coloured spice in it's raw format looks very odd. A knobbly root with a bright orange interior, which is where the powder comes from. It's been used in Eastern medicine for literally 1000's of years. Only now are we realising the health benefits here in western Europe.

We specifically chose the highest quality base ingredient for Amber Boost. We do not strip out the vital Curcumin, which other cheaper, high street products are known to do.

Black Pepper Extract for 20x Absorption #UpgradeYourNutrition #LeanGreens #CurcuminAbsorption

Piperine (Black Pepper Extract) 20x Absorption

There's just one important reason we use this unique black pepper extract, Piperine, in Amber Boost... and that's maximising absorption of curcumin, the active part of Turmeric.

Without this special ingredient it's unlikely you'll get any benefit from supplementing with Turmeric. But with Piperine, the absorption levels of curcumin are increased by an incredible 2000% (20x).

Vitamin D3 with Turmeric? #UpgradeYourNutrition #LeanGreens #Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3

It's suggested that 1 in 5 of us are deficient in Vitamin D, and that year round supplementation is recommended for those most at risk.

We've included a maintenance level of Vitamin D3 within our Amber Boost product to help us all keep our Vitamin D levels topped up all year round.

"Wonder Supplements"

"* I purchased these on behalf of my elderly father in-law following teasing a review commending this supplement in regards to reducing joint pain and stiffness. He is so happy and asked me to continue getting this as he no longer needs to purchase pain meds or heat pads and this has made the difference is hoped it would."

Rebecca K - (UK)

"Amazing Products"

"* I’ve been using this for some time now and found that it has improved Arthritis in my joints. This is the first winter I’ve never needed my Neoprene hand splints.. yippee. You can’t get results by consuming it from the powdered form, I know because I’ve tried."

Janet Wilcox - (UK)

Our Amazing Amber Boost Reviews

Common Questions

Here's a collection of the most commonly asked questions about Amber Boost. If you can't find the answer here, feel free to drop us a support message through our contact us page.

What exactly is in Amber Boost?
Each capsule of Amber Boost contains the following ingredients:
  • Turmeric Powder - 600mg
  • Black Pepper Extract (Piperine) - 5.25mg
  • Vitamin D3 - 5mg
  • Veg Capsule Shell
  • Brown Rice Flour
  • Magnesium Sterate
  • Allergen Information: Manufactured on equipment that processes products containing nuts, milk, shellfish, fish and soya
Is Amber Boost vegetarian/vegan?
Amber Boost is vegetarian friendly. And for dietary vegans it's fine too. If you're an ethical vegan then it is not suitable as the Vitamin D3 source is Sheeps wool.
Can Amber Boost help with 'X' condition?
Unfortunately we're unable to make any prescription or health claim related to this product. Please check with a registered health professional before changing your diet or trying new supplements. This product should not be seen as something to treat, prevent, diagnose or cure any disease or symptoms. There are plenty of studies available online that may or may not demonstrate the benefits of supplementing your diet with our products.
How much does delivery cost?
We charge a flat rate of £3.99 to ship orders within the UK. If your total order value is over £70 your shipping is FREE. All orders placed before 2pm are shipped out the same day.
Where is Lean Greens based?
We are a UK registered company, operating since 2012. All our products are manufactured in the UK to UK food health and safety standards. All batches of ingredients are tested before use for contaminates.
Is it safe to order through your website?
Our website is SSL certified. We only use the most secure and reputable PCI compliant payments systems. We don't hold or store credit card information for any customers at any time.
Is this a subscription product? Will I be charged monthly?
No. This is simply a one time purchase. We do however have a subscription option available once you've trialled the product fully.

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Lean Greens Amber Boost - Turmeric, Black Pepper, Vitamin D3 Review

Pleasently surprised it worked

Hello all, I am a sceptic and don't like taking tablets/pills for pain, but for the last few years I have suffered more and more from joint pain which has been quite disabling. So walking for 15-20 minutes , or some gardening or just shopping for an hour would cause me so much pain that I'd have to take Ibuprofen or Naproxen and paracetamol to allow me to continue with my life to some degree of normality. So I started taking the Leangreens powder, Amber, Billions ( to repair my gut) and Omega3 and after 2 months I realised that I was able to do a lot more physical activity and didn't need any pain killers. Actually to be fair is was my wife that said it first! Now I can dismantle a kitchen, take apart a partition wall or some door frames and do shopping/gardening and so much more and feel like I have my life back and am achieving so much more. FYI, as I mentioned I am a sceptic about these things generally and found that it all boils down to the quality of the ingredients and combination to help your body absorb them that makes them so effective! IT IS REALLY THAT SIMPLE! Keep up the great work

Patrick M.
Lean Greens Amber Boost - Turmeric, Black Pepper, Vitamin D3 Review

Amber Boost has saved me from endless pain and discomfort - I cannot thank you enough!

Having had the painful hip condition of Perthes Disease as a kid, I was warned I would likely have knee troubles in my later life, they were not wrong. Last year I decided to start running to lose some weight, so I downloaded the best rated fitness app, followed it to the letter and 48 hours later I was …in agony! After 8 weeks of exceptional pain, MRI scans and multiple consultant appointments it was confirmed my knees were “knackered” (technical term!). I am now awaiting a double knee replacement and until that happens I am supposed to grin and bear the ongoing aches and pains, sudden spasms and continual discomfort caused by inflammation and the simplest of day-to-day movement. Enter Amber Boost. Within days of starting, the ongoing pain, I had endlessly endured in my knees, had gone. Even the spasms, that felt like a six-inch nail had been plunged into each knee, had stopped. I am certain this is down to Amber Boost. So how can I be so sure? Well, I take the two capsules daily and I have no pain, it’s that simple. However, if I forget a couple of days in a row, then wham! I’m on my knees, quite literally …and I am only relieved when I get back to the Amber goodness. So thank you Lean Greens, Amber Boost is amazing. I refuse to go a day without it!

Lean Greens Amber Boost - Turmeric, Black Pepper, Vitamin D3 Review

Organic turmeric

Fantastic service and brill product

Gillian K.
United Kingdom
Lean Greens Amber Boost - Turmeric, Black Pepper, Vitamin D3 ReviewLean Greens Amber Boost - Turmeric, Black Pepper, Vitamin D3 Review

Amazing difference to my back pain

These capsules have been life changing for me. I had my second spinal operation in June and on top of this experienced an inflamed sacrolliac joint which required injections. Following surgery on my cervical spine it flared up again and I was looking at having to have a far more invasive procedure which was not pleasant. Having already used the lean greens powder I saw an advert for these tablets and thought I'd give them a try. I went from having to take pain meds one weekend because of the pain of my flare up to being symptom free within days of taking these tablets. I now swear by them and even my spinal consultant has supported use of them! I am thrilled and feel like I have got my life back and am pain free!

Bec W.

Amber boost

First class customer service and delivery was just to cherry on the cake for this outstanding product. I take amber boost everyday and really feel the full benefits. Highly recommended �

Gill K.
United Kingdom United Kingdom