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Lean Greens 250g Preferred Customer Membership


A highly potent blend of grasses, algae, vegetables and enzymes. Designed to energise, nourish and counter the effects of our acidic modern diets.


More Energy

The alkalising ingredients found in Lean Greens, cause the body to function better, without it being stressed. Add to that the energy and metabolic ingredients, clients see increased energy levels, but without jitters or a crash.

Improved Bowel Movements

Yeah, I know, not the nicest of subjects. However one of the bits of feedback we get from clients ALL the time is healthier and more regular bowel movements after taking Lean Greens consistently for 2 - 3 weeks

Less Feeling Bloating

The combination of the alkalising ingredients and the digestive enzymes in Lean Greens are a great way to improve gut health. Many clients report to us significantly less incidences of that uncomfortable bloated feeling.

Less Cravings

Pound your body with nutrients and your hypothalamus (the part of the brain that controls those hunger signals) is satisfied. Our clients have experienced less cravings for sugary food and caffeinated drinks, and an overall full feeling for longer.

60 Day "Taste" Guarantee

This is the #1 concern of our first timers. And a legitimate concern at that, given how AWFUL many other "greens" drinks taste. That's why we have a BOLD and powerful guarantee for Lean Greens.

Take Lean Greens every day for at least 14 days back to back, and if you HATE the taste, email us, and we'll sort a FULL refund for you. We'll still refund you as much as 60 days after your purchase, EVEN if you've used the whole tub!

Really its that simple. Try Lean Greens RISK FREE for 60 days. Hate the taste and we'll refund you.