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Lean Greens 21 Day Nutrition Plan


We know that nutrition plans are everywhere... you'll find them in magazines, given away FREE on websites, and apps on your iPhone for £3.99... So when we created the 21 Nutrition Plan we knew people would ask "Why This One?"

And that's a valid question. 

Why should you choose THIS nutrition plan? Why value THIS program for the sticker price we set over one that you find stuck to the front of your favourite health magazine?

One reason, and one reason only!

THIS nutrition plan is one you'll FINISH

You can start it immediately and in 21 days you'll have finished it. The track record for people sticking to 'other' nutrition plans is horrific... We're talking less than 5% actually finish a diet plan.

So when we set out to design our nutrition plan, I set our expert trainer, Helenlee Whalley, the task to create something EVERYONE would finish. And whilst we can't say that 100% of the people who get our 21 day plan will finish it... We know that it's significantly higher than the 5% average!

The question is, will YOU finish it? Let me help you answer that.

We've included the following in to the plan to help you succeed.

1. FULL weekly shopping lists, that mean you're NOT guessing when you go to the supermarket (or doing your online food shopping)

2. Super easy to follow recipes, that even culinary idiots like me can create.

3. A wide variety of meals so you're not eating the same thing every day of the week.

4. Probably the most important factor... Meals that are REALLY tasty. Pretty much every person who's gone through the plan remarks how incredibly tasty the meals are... Making it super easy to stick to the plan.

And it's that last point that makes all the difference in my opinion. And where MOST nutrition plans fail... Most of the food in other plans are so friggin' boring, it's no wonder most people never finish them!

In three weeks time, you'll see some significant changes to your body shape, and more importantly 'how you feel'... feelings that's hard to put in to words, but you'll understand once you've finished.

So click the add to basket button and we'll post out the 25 page Nutrition Plan right away.

Just make sure you email us your before and after selfies, at the end of the 21 days.