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Meena Reid - "A must have supplement"

* Lean Greens was recommended to me about 15 months ago by a personal trainer friend of mine who swears by it. I ordered a pot and started taking it daily and have been taking it daily ever since. It is one thing in my cupboard that I will not do without. The taste is fine it can easily be mixed with a whey powder, almond milk and berries as a shake. The benefits to me have been obvious since about my third day taking it. I'm a lot less bloated and I'm no fan of talking about bathroom habits but let's just say I can set my watch by my daily digestive habits and before I was very irregular. I must also add that since starting taking Lean Greens I have not had one single day of illness and not a single sniff of a cold! I take it first thing in the morning and if I have been out for the evening I may well take one in the evening. As others have mentioned it's great for preventing hangovers! I also use it as a pre-workout and its effective.

All in all this is a superb product which stands head and shoulders above its competitors I even pack my tub and take it on all my trips away! +++++++

Mark Thompson - "I Hate Vegetables"

* Let me say this first off.. I HATE Vegetables! You've got more chance of getting me to eat a camel herders flip flop than cabbage. I knew I should be getting my 5 a day so 2 yearsago I started to take lean greens and I love it.

I take it straight with water or mixed with smoothies,I've even tried it in a muffin! The new blend tastes great and after a while your moring lean greens becomes a habit

Bridget Thomson - "Health boost for everyone"

* Lean green's was recommended in Good Housekeeping sometime ago and I bought it based on that review. I take it everyday and find it keeps me on the straight and narrow with regards to my eating. I'm just an ordinary over 50's woman tryIng to keep healthy- I walk but no time for anything else fitness wise. Lean green's gives me a boost each morning and if I'm feeling a bit low I take another scoop before bed. Tim and Sam provide an excellent service. Would recommend this as the best start for the New Year.

H Fellows - "Would definitely recommend Lean Greens best greens drink I've tasted"

* My partner and I have been using Lean Greens for over a year now, I suffered with IBS and since taking Lean Greens it has helped me considerably, totally reduced bloating. We drink a glass each morning, first glass we had tasted a bit strange but now it's the first drink of the morning which sets us up for the day. Would definitely recommend Lean Greens best Green drink I've tasted.

M S Hoskins - "My day isn't complete without my daily Lean Greens"

* I love this product...! It took a few goes on what dilution of the product worked for me, but once mastered I don't look back. I have this every morning and if I ever miss a morning (heaven forbid) I actually miss it. I'm starting on having it in the afternoon too. Thank you for an amazing product, I will be ordering it again!

Craig - "As an experienced Fitness Coach I fully recommend LEAN GREENS"

* As an experienced Fitness Coach I fully recommend LEAN GREENS. What our grannies told us is completely true, to make sure you get your greens in, and LEAN GREENS is a fast and easy means of getting in a lot of goodness into your nutrition. In addition to eating fruits and vegetables LEAN GREENS is an excellent supplement to boost the liver function to make us not only burn fat but to feel better! I have always had very good service from the team at LEAN GREENS and can't thank them enough for what they have done for my clients and myself. I take them in the morning to wake me up and start the day right but can be mixed with shakes soups smoothies and so much more. Enjoy

Georgia Kalngan - "Quality alternative to leafy greens"

* I've found Lean Greens while searching for green powder supplements. I've been a raw vegan for 3 years now and the problem I have is not having an easy access shop for fresh leafy greens as I live in the countryside. I'm on my 3rd-4th month of continuous buying this product. Two full spoons mixed with water is enough to keep me going for a 4-hour work shift. I prefer to mix and drink it rather than with water than smoothie as I want to make sure nothing is wasted.
I had two cough and colds early winter and I've taken in 3 full spoons which "arrested" it at early onset. I strongly recommend lean Greens.

A - "Lean, Green, Supreme"

* Awesome. Tastes great - and I've tried many others which are revolting. Get it on standing order delivery to reduce the cost. The fact I take it away, including abroad, says everything. Never want to be without.

Mrs Spellman - "Love My Lean Green"

* Love this stuff - I use it after a run and mix it with an electrolyte tab and it tastes pretty good. I sneak little bits into my son's smoothies and he's non the wiser. A great way to top up a healthy diet and the best customer service ever.

Mrs V. Jaimes - "Love Lean Greens"

* I have been taking Lean Greens since February and find I can't live without it! I suffer from IBS & bloating & find this is the only thing that helps calm my stomach/intestines!! Can't recommend it enough - I put it in a green smoothie every morning & a big glass of water in the afternoon- you have to try it!

Anares - "Great Product, haven't had a sick day..."

* Great product. Haven't had a sick day since I've begun taking it. Although that could also be due to trying to eat healthily at the same time.

Lisa McGrady - "I love Lean Greens Powder"

* I love Lean Greens powder. Taste is very tolerable and you get used to it very quickly. Gives you a great boost in the morning. Definitely seen an improvement in my bloating. Definitely recommend it.

Llze - "I can highly recommend this "green powder" of natural powder"

* I can highly recommend this "green power" of natural energy! I noticed that My overall energy levels substantially increased since I have been using the product now for 1 month!

Adelle T - "Cheaper than you daily coffee, and better health benefits"

* I highly recommend Lean Greens. Having used Lean Greens for over 2 years, I consider it my most important health product. In that time I have only suffered from one cold compared with at least three per year previously. I find that it improves my digestive health by keeping it regular and reducing bloating. I tend to drink it first thing in the morning which gives me a boost, helps to make my body more alkaline and gives me the satisfaction that I've already consumed my '5-a-day' if I don't manage to get enough vegetables during the rest of the day.

I take one serving per day normally, then up it to two if I either begin to feel unwell (cold, headaches or bloating), plan to have a few alcoholic drinks or have a hangover. It really helps in all these situations.

The taste is fairly neutral, ok so it's not a delicious fruit juice but it's easy to drink and is consumed for a health purpose not for pleasure.

At first it seems like an expensive luxury supplement but let's face it, it works out far cheaper than a daily coffee at approximately £1.50 per serving and the health benefits are definitely worth the swap.

Janet Wilcox - "Amazing Product"

* I've been using Lean Greens for over 2 years. I've gone from an active 16-18 down to a very active, happy 12-14. It tastes great and is good as a hangover cure. I'm in my early 50's and recently been on a very active holiday with friends 10 and 20 years younger than me. I took it with me and managed to not only keep up with everyone in the group but excelled in many ways. I'll be purchasing this product indefinately...
Today I started with a glass of lean greens did 1 hour of aerobics followed by an hour in the SPA a half hour swim and a 1 hour bike ride and I finished with a glass of lean greens, and I feel fine. Buy it, you won't be disappointed....

Daviot - "Great Product"

* been using this product for about 18 months, it has got me through a marathon, and numerous other races, a number of hangovers and a bout of tonsillitis (I ran a race during this illness!!) - I don't know what the magic is - but whenever the tough gets going, I get the green out - I am not into faddy stuff, so I was sceptical when I started using this when training, but honestly, as an occasional pick me up or as a twice daily ritual, this is an excellent supplement to any sport or lifestyle - a believe me it is the ultimate hangover cure!

Mrs R - "It truly is a great product!"

* My husband and I have both been taking Lean Greens for just over a year now. It truly is a great product! Yes a tad on the expensive side but you get what you pay for. If we miss a day or run out we crave the wrong foods and start feeling rubbish. It has helped us both lose weight as we seem to be able to control our eating habits far better than before. Never had a problem with the taste.

KitKat74 - "Best Lean Greens Out There"

* Having tried and tested many different brands, this is the best lean greens out there, both in terms of formulation (this really works) and taste. Yes, it's not cheap, but you get what you pay for and this is worth every penny.

Wayne Wignall - "Easy to Drink"

Fab product. Easy to drink. Tastes ok.

Sandra - "Can't Recommend Enough"

* Pleasant taste, curbs sweet cravings for me personally.... Perfect way to get your greens in on a busy schedule.

Lorraine Carr - "This is excellent and really regulating my insides"

* I have crohns/colitis and have tries most products. This is excellent and really regulating my insides. Love it.

Samantha Meyers -

* I am not one for drinking these sort of things!
I cannot stand the texture of smoothies, green tea is just awful no matter what flavour you try to disguise it with!
BUT a friend suggested this to me so I thought how quickly can I burn my money for a tub of powder to sit in the back of my larder with the rest of my 'lets get healthy potions'.
Day one was a struggle, although there was no texture at all (bonus) I found the taste odd (but not horrible or unbearable).
I am now on day 11 and you wont believe this but I actually like it!.. its much better than green tea (which I still have at least one cup of a day and hate!).
Do I feel better for it? I dont know yet, but with all the goodness it in, it cant be a bad thing to get in your system each day.
I would recommend this definately.

Pauline Sloane - "I love this stuff"

* I love this stuff, been part of my diet for over 12 months now, wouldn't think about starting the day without it
give it a try...

Jasan - "Best tasting green superfood on the market"

* Best tasting green superfood on the market...I use a scoop a day to top up my 5 a day