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33 days of fresh and tasty instant vegetable juice

Fast UK Shipping - over 90% of orders arrive the next day

60-Day Risk-FREE Trial - full refund even if you finish the tub

18 raw veg and green
ingredients in every scoop

*Part of my daily routine

"To find a product with these amazing benefits that is so quick & easy, as well as actually being very palatable is a thing of dreams. I have been using Lean Greens for years now and can't imagine a better way to start the day than with a Lean Greens shake"

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Gareth Westerby, United Kingdom

Control Appetite, Conquer Cravings

Lean Greens is the instant vegetable juice that floods your body with nutrients in seconds

18 raw green and vegetable ingredients, dozens of vitamins and minerals in one scoop!

Raw Veg

Broccoli, Carrot, Spinach


Wheatgrass, Barley Grass, Spirulina, Chlorella, and Alfalfa

Fruit Extracts

Blueberries and Blackcurrants

Digestive Enzymes

Lipase, Lactase, Protease, Amylase, Bromelain, and Cellulase

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FAST - FREE Shipping | 60-Day Taste Guarantee

3 Reasons 10's of 1000's of Customers Love Lean Greens

1. Conquer Cravings

Cravings for sweet, energy-dense foods come from a lack of nutrient diversity in our diets. Flood your body with every vitamin and mineral you can think of
(and more) with Lean Greens

2. Control Appetite

Satisfy your hypothalamus with 18 raw green and vegetable ingredients every day, so no more snacking or over-eating

3. Simple, fast daily juice

Imagine starting your day with a healthy juice, that doesn't take 30 minutes to prepare! Mix Lean Greens in just 30 seconds. No mess, no waste, just a shaker to rinse.

*Can't live without my Lean Greens!

"I use Lean Greens every morning. I like the taste and it really sets me up for the day. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is wanting to combat that afternoon slump and sugar craving and increase their energy and greens intake"

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Keely B, United Kingdom

60-Day Refund Guarantee With Every Order

Choose Your First Pack Of Lean Greens

New Customer Pack

33-day supply of Lean Greens

(£1.48 per serving)


  • FREE 30 days supply of Vitamin C capsules
  • FREE SmartShake shaker
  • FREE UK delivery
  • Same day dispatch until 2pm weekdays

you Save £29.94

 ⏱ 30 seconds to mix

🍕 Crush cravings and appetite

🥦 18 raw green and veg ingredients

💦 Clean, fresh, neutral taste

⭐️ 13,000+ delighted customers

Just Lean Greens

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4.9/5.0

  • 33 days supply of Lean Greens
  • Same day shipping until 2pm weekdays
  • Dispatch direct from UK

you Save £4.99

✔︎60 Day Guarantee

100 Days Supply

  • 3 Tubs of Lean Greens
  • FREE UK delivery
  • Same-day dispatch until 2 pm weekdays

you Save £17.97

FREE UK Delivery

Our Orders:

Control Appetite, Conquer Cravings

Love it, or your money back

Return within 60 days, no questions asked

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Free UK Shipping

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What our customers fans say 💚

*Magic green dust

"I've been using this for nearly a year and I think its amazing. I have seen a visible improvement in my skin and hair. Also a massive improvement in how I feel and my digestive system. I have so much energy that I didn't have before. I honestly don't have anything bad to say about it."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Emma S, United Kingdom

*Was sceptical but gave it a go

"My cravings have changed too. I no longer want chocolate or carbs as much, some days I don’t want chocolate at all 😱😱 my skin looks clearer, I feel less tired and I’m sleeping much better."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Allison T, United Kingdom

*Good Stuff

"This is my second purchase. The very first mouthful, it was.......odd. But it's actually not unpleasant and you get used to it. It's part of a lifestyle and diet change. Take it first thing in the day. And I definitely feel the benefit. More energy and less sluggishness"

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Chas W, United Kingdom

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Pauline D.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Love them

I have tried most, and these are the best tasting I have had. However, they are too expensive! Can't keep paying out £44 a month. Still too expensive at half the price. :( I would recommend them for people who have money to burn.


Lean Greens

Thanks Pauline for the positive review of Lean Greens. Since we started Lean Greens back in 2012, we've always maintained that we never set out to create a budget product, just a very good product. Doing that as a small independent brand does create its challenges especially when it comes to our limited buying power for raw ingredients, packaging, postage etc etc. Since 2013 we've actually not increased our prices at all, arguably with inflation we should be charging over £51, but by trimming and optimising as much as we can, we've been able to keep to the same numerical amount, effectively a 14% reduction compared to the increase of all other products on the market. We make no apology for our price point, because to price as you suggest would simply mean we would not exist at all.

Michelle N.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Lean greens

Ok so I wanted to get more greens in me and I would often put super food powders in to my smoothies but I wanted just one product for convenience, rather than a cupboard full of tubs. Initially the taste of lean greens with water was not for me but my years of experimenting with smoothies. I decided to just add a small banana and pop it in the nutribullet… well that’s the game changer, the taste is night and day and I really enjoy my lean greens in the mornings now.

David M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Great quality and reassuringly good

I use the powder with a scoop of berry flavoured creatin which helps with the flavour.

Richard M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product


Great taste.............

United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Neutral taste and easy to mix in smoothies

Only ever buy this product

We offer a risk-free money-back guarantee with each order.

The "We're Not Perfect" Guarantee - 60 days to fully trial Lean Greens

Nobody is perfect. This is why the perfect Lean Greens customer is an imperfect human!

That said, Lean Greens on occasion is not a perfect fit for everyone. We have no desire to have any customers feel like they have been duped, scammed or coerced into buying from us.

If for any reason, in the first 60 days of receiving your Lean Greens, it is NOT a perfect fit, email our support team and we'll arrange a full refund* We've kept the same guarantee since 2013, we don't know of any other UK nutrition brand that has offered a guarantee like this for so long! 

*applies only to just the first tub of Lean Greens you open. If you order multiple tubs, we'll ask you to return the unopened tubs before a refund is processed.

Recommended by the UK's top coaches and Personal Trainers

Chris Hipsey - Plan B Fitness

"I've been recommending Lean Greens to every client since 2012. It's a fundamental part of our nutrition plan and daily habits"

Admit it, vegetable juicing sucks?

Getting in a wide range of raw vegetable nutrients from juicing would be an incredible way to eliminate cravings and control our raging appetite. But I know from deep experience that even the very best intentions fail in the face of family, career and real life.

George Anderson - Speaker & Performance Expert

"Improving performance starts with providing your body with the right nutrients. Lean Greens gives me and my clients the boost we need"

Lean Greens - Instant Veg Juice

  • 30 seconds to mix
  • No chopping, peeling, blending
  • No cleaning of the juicing machine
  • No lumps and chunks
  • Clean, fresh taste
  • No food waste

Angela Ross - Helping women 40+ get their mojo back

"Lean Greens has been my number 1 recommendation for health for over 10 years"

Traditional Juicing With A Machine

  • Lack the nutrient variety
  • Cleaning complicated juicing machine
  • Time-consuming
  • Lots of waste
  • Difficult to do daily
  • Costly Fresh Ingredients
 Choose Your Starter Pack 

We offer a risk-free money-back guarantee with each order.

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