How To End Random Acts Of Bloating

Bloating is one of those uncomfortable facts of life for so many people.

It creates frustration, confusion and embarrassment to all those that suffer with it. And sadly many folk never really discover the solution.

Having been a sufferer of RAOB (Random Acts Of Bloating) for almost all of my adult life, it's been a personal quest of mine to unearth what is the root cause, and how to practically eliminate it.

These days I no longer experience RAOB. I no longer live in fear of eating bread, cheese, wine or whatever else used to set off my bloating without warning.

It's likely you're reading this because you too have been a sufferer? I get it, you've probably read dozens of articles that 'promise' to give you the solution to your woes, all falling horribly short.

The true answer is actually quite simple, but not easy. Especially if you LOVE food like me.

My solution lead me down the path to creating a product that can go someway to help. And whilst it's not the whole solution, it can certainly accelerate you to a solution.

Let Me Tell You About Your Guts

Before we get in to that, let me tell you about your gut.

Your gut is an amazing environment. Given the stuff we expose it to every day, it does a remarkable job. It's purpose is to digest the foods we consume, extract the good bits to fuel, grow and repair your body... and extract the other stuff as waste.

In order to achieve this incredible feat, your body must produce enzymes & bacteria strong enough and varied enough to break down and absorb food.

If you're stressed, fatigued or exposed to external toxins such as cigarette smoke, chemicals from make up, deodorants, hair sprays etc etc, your body will have a hard time.

Add to that highly refined foods and drinks and your body gets stripped of all the good stuff to help your body properly digest food.

So what follows are my top tips for reducing RAOB.

1. AVOID completely all fizzy drinks, especially the diet ones! These are like battery acid and strip your gut of good enzymes.

2. Chill out. Easy to say, I know... but find ways to reduce stress in your day to day life. If that means yoga or meditation, or just going for a quiet walk in the woods do that.

3. Sleep. Again easy to say, especially as I've been a long term insomniac. But I've found the more consistent my sleeping habits the less incidents of ROAB

4. Replenish your gut's natural enzyme/bacteria levels. This means consuming a varied diet of clean fruit and vegetables. Think lots of colours on your plate, and avoid white stuff like bread and pasta.

So What Helps You Accelerate Your Recovery?

One of the big benefits of taking a greens supplement, like Lean Greens, is the special ingredients I insisted on including in to our blend...

Digestive enzymes.

These, along with the 'green' ingredients in Lean Greens work to restore good gut health...

Couple this with the advice above, and your Random Acts Of Bloating will soon be a thing of the past.

It's certainly NOT an overnight fix, but no long term/permanent solution is a quick fix.

I certainly hope you follow my advice, and see an end to your bloating too.

Tim Goodwin