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5 Tips To Help Women Eliminate Bloating, That Embarrassing Pregnant Look And Excruciating Stomach Cramps

Former Personal Trainer, Tim Goodwin, reveals his simple system to practically eliminate bloating.

1. Ditch bread entirely from your diet. Regardless of food intolerances, preferences or otherwise, ditching ALL types of bread will go some way to helping reduce your bloating.

2. Diet sodas are a chemical nightmare. Diet coke might as well be battery acid. It strips your digestive system of a lot the enzymes that break down food. Eliminate them entirely.

3. Add fermented foods to your diet. The are absolutely loaded with good bacteria, restoring the enzymes and gut flora that'll help you digest foods much better. We'll tell you about one fermented powerhouse a little later.

4. Cut refined sugar consumption considerably. There's plenty of women walking around with undiagnosed candida. Eliminating refined sugar from your diet, will help stop feeding the gut infection.

5. Water. An odd one this... many folk 'think' that because they are bloated they are retaining water. In part they're right. But you need the clean still water to flush your system of the toxins actually causing the bloating.

Formerly one of Europe's highest paid personal trainers, Tim Goodwin found that many of his female clients came to him frustrated with their body shape, thinking they were over-weight. Whereas they were mostly 'just' bloated.

The fix can be quite rapid with the simple lifestyle fixes outlined at the head of this article, and can be accelerated further with some powerful dietary changes and some simple natural supplements.

Is there a woman who hasn't had issues with trapped gas, that embarrassing pregnant look, and excruciatingly painful stomach cramps from bloating?

"Many of the women I coached throughout my eight years in the fitness industry, came to me with some kind of digestive issue" says Tim Goodwin "Sadly many of them had suffered in silence for literally years!". And as it seems quite needlessly!

"I had one particular client with a diet coke addiction, quite common an addiction" reveals Tim, "She'd drink at least 1.5 litres of the stuff every day, and would constantly be complaining of stomach cramps and bloating. Simply eliminating the diet coke, and using a specific type of greens drink to restore the gut health... eliminated the issue practically overnight"

Fermented foods such as the german cabbage, sauerkraut, are amazing, they also contain massive quantities digestive enzymes, created by the fermentation process. A word of warning though, the initial reaction by the body from consuming fermented foods can be the SAME symptoms you are trying to eliminate. So start slowly.

Commonly, when we're bloated we reach for an anti-acid, but they don't really help treat the root cause of the problem says Tim.

"Anti-acids are great for immediate relief, but do more long term harm than good. They strip your gut of essential enzymes, making the bloat come back more often, causing you to reach for the anti-acids again. It's a vicious cycle"




The greens drink Tim talks about contained a blend of digestive enzymes and ingredients containing a substance called chlorophyll. They are said to help restore digestive health.

"When I discovered Greens drinks, I thought all my prayers had been answered to help with my clients bloating problems" Tim says "Sadly not all greens are created equal, and at the time they ALL tasted absolutely disgusting, and my clients just wouldn't take them, no matter how bad their bloating was"

Tim quit the fitness industry in 2011, and set out to create a greens drink that ticked all the required boxes...

  1. It had to contain those essential digestive enzymes
  2. It had to provide a whole range of nutrients to combat other problems such as cravings and liver health.
  3. But most importantly it had to TASTE good!

At least good enough that normal people would be happy taking on a daily basis. Something that no other greens drink catered for at the time!

"It's been a labour of love the last few years, creating the right blend" says Tim 
"Over the last few years our customer base has steadily grown, and the reviews we get on our top rated Amazon listing are simply amazing"

You can get the Lean Greens Starter Pack from the website right now... A tub will last you about a month, and costs less than that 1.5L bottle of diet coke each day!

"Seeing the faces of those women freed from bloating is fantastic. It's not something anyone should have to 'live' with, and thankfully they don't"

Try The Lean Greens Starter Kit, You'll Love The Way It Makes You Feel