If You're Over The Age Of 40 And Struggle With Cravings, There's A Little Known Nutritional Strategy That Guarantees To Kill Your Cravings Overnight

Tim Goodwin's Cravings Tips For Busy Women.

1. Having no Breakfast is better than cereal based breakfasts. Cereals will set you off on a sugar rollercoaster for the rest of the day. 

Eat eggs for breakfast. A poached egg only takes 3-4 mins, and will keep you feeling fuller for longer

2. If you need an energy pick-me-up, eat an apple. The sweetness will stave off your sugar desires and the lower Glycemic Index, compared to chocolate, will not spike your blood-sugar.

3. Get in your five a day. That's 5 vegetable portions! Not fruit. There's no such thing as too much broccoli. Your body will self regulate the quantity of vegetables you eat, and help kill off hunger for other food.

4. Ditch the bread. Probably the hardest thing for most folk. Most commercially made bread is a chemical sh1t storm and cause that mid-afternoon slump. Eliminate it completely and you'll not feed the cravings rollercoaster

5. Ditch the diet coke. This is the 'drug of choice' for the busy woman. I liken it to battery acid in a can, stripping your stomach and gut of essential enzymes. Less enzymes, less absorption of the good nutrients your body REALLY craves.


"You're Not Born With Cravings, They Are Learned"

Formerly one of Europe's top Personal Trainers, Tim Goodwin found cravings to be the major downfall of many of his clients dreams. His formula solves the cravings problem once and for all.

Is there a woman who hasn't been addicted to chocolate, cake or cookies? Especially those who've fought with their weight for most of their lives?

"Most of the woman I saw on a weekly basis, who struggled with the image they saw in the mirror, fought with one key problem. Cravings. They shouldn't be a slave to a problem that is learned, it certainly isn't something you're born with! If it is learned, it can be UN-learned" says Tim Goodwin, a self-confessed, sweet-toothed, cake lover. The tips above are just part of the system he used with his clients along with some simple dietary changes and nutritional aids that can dramatically accelerate your results.

Why 'Will Power' Is An Awful Strategy

A lot of the trouble females have with cravings are pretty straight-forward. Get some basic ground rules in place. What is in your fridge and on your kitchen counter can make the world of difference. The simple truth is, you'll eat exactly what you buy!

Surprisingly will-power is NOT part of Tim's strategy.

"will power, is an awful strategy! It relies on you to 'TRY'. And in all the years of coaching women to have better health and bodies, 'trying' is almost always a losing strategy." says Tim "However, changing your systems is far more effective"

Tim suggests clearing your cupboards and fridge of EVERY refined sugar, processed and wheat-based products. Give it all away to charity, or stick it in the bin.

Once you've done that, create a simple meal-plan, with shopping list for a week.

"I suggest they even change WHERE you shop. We're changing a system. If you just go to the same shop, you'll be tempted to go for the same foods as normal. Online food shopping makes this even easier. You only buy whats on your list and nothing else"

The One Simple Nutritional Aid That Will Accelerate Your Success

The supplement protocol Tim suggest's is crazy simple.

The basic plan involves just a specific type of nutritional product, a product that he's dedicated the last four years developing and enhancing to make its super easy for anyone to take it.

"Cravings, are not the only reason why so many busy British women have a Vegetable Greens drink as part of their daily routine." Tim suggests "Many report it naturally increases their energy levels all day, as well as supporting their weight loss efforts."

How A Food Fanatical, 40+ Fitness Model Kills Her Cravings

Fitness Model, and now super busy health and fitness blogger, Alexandra Wilson, is a huge fan of Greens drinks. Having recently turned 40, Alexandra feely admits to loving food. "In a restaurant I want to eat everything, but because I've had my Greens, I find it much easier to make better choices"

The product normally comes in a powder form that mixes super smoothly with water, and a tub lasts you over a month. "It's something I keep next to the kettle in my kitchen" says Alexandra, "As I'm waiting for the kettle to boil in the morning, I'll mix up a serving, and that's me done for the day".  Normally working out to less than a cup of Nero's coffee each day, it's a cost effective way to boost your nutrient intake

"The biggest mistake I see most women make is messing up breakfast" says Tim, "Whilst I'd never recommend people miss breakfast, you'd be far better off missing it all together, over eating the cereals and 'snack' bars being promoted these days. They just set you off on a rollercoaster of sugar cravings all day long"


How A Snack Machine Addict Kicked The Cravings

Prior to becoming a Personal Trainer, Tim spent 8 years working in office jobs. Soon after leaving University he gained weight, with less exercise and becoming addicted to sugar and junk food. "I was a regular at the office snack machine" he says, "it felt like I couldn't get through the day without having something sweet"

Through his own will power and determination to get back in shape for his new career, he went cold turkey. But discovered that 'his way' was probably the hardest way to get clear of the cravings.

What Are Greens Drinks? They Sound Disgusting!

A well formulated greens drink generally contains nutritional power-houses such as wheatgrass, spirulina, chlorella as well as well known super foods such as broccoli and spinach.

You'd be right in thinking it all sounds a bit hippy and tree-huggy. In the past, the drink has been reserved for the ultra health fanatics who can stomach the horrid taste.

Most taste absolutely awful and many of the cheaper products contain only 1 or 2 active ingredients, not giving a wide range of nutrients necessary to curb those cravings.

Here in the UK greens drinks are still relatively unknown, and confined to the absolutely dedicated health fanatic. Many people are put off by the awful taste. "some still produce a gag reflex for me, even after years of taking them" Tim recalls, "it's no wonder most people will not drink them, no matter how powerful the benefits"

Today, all that's changed, with many busy women adding it to their daily habits. And the development of great tasting greens making it much easier for you and I to enjoy.

Tim Goodwin quit the fitness industry to focus solely on developing a product that got great results AND, most importantly, normal folk would be happy drinking every day.
"The perfect health drink that tastes so disgusting that you won't drink it, is pointless. We've focussed our efforts on creating a blend that gives you the nutrients to kill cravings AND that you'd be happy drinking every day"

Many people wonder what's the difference between this and a multi-vitamin tablet? You know that saying "You are what you eat", according to Tim its wrong... "You are what you absorb. Most of the nutrients in a multi-vit are synthetic, and only a tiny percentage is actually absorbed. The ingredients in Lean Greens are raw, making them much more bio-available. Put simply you absorb much more of the goodness"

So this is the key to ridding yourself of those cravings. Flooding your body with nutrients...
"We created a health product, for people who's first priority is NOT health... We didn't design it for the health nut... just normal busy women who just want to be a little bit healthier"