The Skydiver

We love hearing the stories of our Everyday Athletes..... Whether you are bound for the next Olympics, or just enjoying your local Parkrun, it's all about getting out there and getting active doing something you love.

Janet Wilcox is a long time customer of Lean Greens, who spends her spare time jumping out of perfectly good aeroplanes!

"I started skydiving In 1983 at Border Parachute Centre. Before I had even completed my first jump I knew I wanted to continue. This sport became a huge part of my life and I never knew then, but it would take me on many journeys all over the world. I have met so many people and made so many friends doing this.

Unfortunately in 1985 I had an accident which fractured my L1 and compressed L2 and L3… I spent 3 weeks in hospital and had to wear a corset with metal bones for several weeks after - sexy! The fracture healed but the compressed vertebrae was something that I’ve had to manage ever since.

I developed Arthritis as a result of this. I’ve always been a keen swimmer and cyclist and soon found that the best treatment was to keep doing these things. I also started going to an exercise class and do a lot of walking. 

I researched natural treatments and realised that the right nutrients played a huge part in keeping me happy and mobile. I needed something to keep my energy levels up so that I could keep active which would then keep me mobile from the dreaded Arthritis pain and stiffness.

I was talking with a work colleague about this and he suggested Lean Greens by Paul Mort. He looked pretty fit so I thought I would give it a go. Several years later and I’m still taking it. I’ve also suggested it to anyone who cares to listen, especially when they discover I’m 54 years old. I never tire of the shocked look on their face.

This year I’m training for my first Open Water Swim Marathon in Lake Windermere, I’m rather nervous but I’m sure Lean Greens will get me through it. I’m not looking to gain a good time, I’ll just be happy to finish…"

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