5 Cravings Killing Strategies For the Office Snack Machine Addict! No Will Power Required

How To Stop Food CravingsYou know you’ve got a cravings problem when you can set a clock based on your visits to the office snack machine every day. Thing is will power is NOT the way to stop your cravings…

1. Missing breakfast is better than eating cereal. I’d never recommend someone skip breakfast, but WHAT you eat has more impact on your cravings. Eat cereals, toast or bagels, and I guarantee you’ll be at the snack machine before 11am

2. Consume Good Fats for breakfast. Despite the well known reverse in scientific opinion on fats, many people are scared to include them in their diet. However, studies suggest eating eggs, salmon, omelettes for breakfast is great for the brain, overall health and will stop you snacking too. For BONUS points take a high quality Omega 3 fish oil with breakfast.

3. Keep some homemade trail mix at your desk. If you feel the urge, a small handful of almonds, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds and walnuts will fuel your brain and kill the urge

4. Better sleep. Easy to say, difficult to implement, I know. However getting quality (not necessarily quantity) sleep will leave you with more energy and less need to reach for the soda’s and chocolate.

5. Your 5-a-day… And I mean five a day VEGETABLES, not fruit. Always make sure you have at least two portions with dinner, a vegetable smoothie or juice is great if you have time. A greens powder first thing in the morning with breakfast if your busy, will keep your portions topped up!



As a former Personal Trainer, Tim Goodwin found cravings to be the main reason why his clients would fail with their nutrition plans.

"Most of the woman I saw on a weekly basis, who struggled with the image they saw in the mirror, fought with one key problem. Cravings. They shouldn't be a slave to a problem that is “learned”, it certainly isn't something you're born with! If it is learned, it can be UN-learned" says Tim Goodwin, a self-confessed, sweet-toothed, cake lover.

The tips above are just part of the system he used with his clients along with some simple dietary changes and nutritional aids that can dramatically accelerate your results.


The trouble we have with cravings, we think the only way to beat them is with will power. Instead, getting some basic ground rules in place will go a long way to ending your cravings for good. What is in your fridge and on your kitchen counter can make the world of difference.

Surprisingly will-power is NOT part of Tim's strategy.

"Will power, is an awful strategy! It relies on you to 'TRY'. And in all the years of coaching women to have better health and slimmer bodies, 'trying' is almost always a losing strategy." says Tim "However, changing your approach to getting in good nutrients is far more effective”

Simply by consuming as wide a range of different nutrients as possible will combat most of the reasons why we crave stuff. The problem is our modern foods do a great job to give us calories, but nutritionally not much else. Breads, cereals, cakes and cookies all great for filling us up, then an hour later leaving us on our knees needing more!

“Show Me The Vegetable”

Food Diary - Killing CravingsIt’s not sexy or wildly interesting, but vegetables are always going to be the perfect craving killing foods. Problem is not many folk eat enough of them.

“When I’d look at clients food diaries for the week, my question always seemed to be ‘show me the vegetable’. It seems we’ve lost our way as a society. The only place you ever get served vegetables is when you go back to your mums for Sunday lunch!”

But as we mentioned in the 5 tips, consuming vegetables is not always convenient, and we’re not going to spend an hour juicing half of Percy Throwers vegetable patch to get 200ml of lumpy green stuff.

Lean Greens Cravings KillerThat’s where Greens Powders come in, and why its the signature product of the company Tim Goodwin founded in 2012, Lean Greens.

“We wanted to formulate a nutrient rich drink that’s quick and easy to consume, and most importantly, taste good too”. And he’s right to be confident, given that the product comes with a 60 day guarantee even if you don’t like the taste!

For cravings, bloating, and giving your body a steady flow of natural energy every day, all from a 30 second drink first thing in the day, it tops up your nutrient intake, when you don’t achieve your five a day!

“My only wish is that I had Lean Greens when I trained my clients, it’d make their efforts so much easier”


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