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A Lean Greens regular
"I’ve used Lean Greens for well over a year now, I use it as a healthy way to rehydrate at breakfast after a nights sleep. Mornings would not be the same without it."
Stephen A.
I’ll admit I was sceptical.... until I tried them!
"I’ve tried other greens - hated them, the taste the texture everything. Someone recommended lean greens and I was sceptical especially considering the price - but so worth it. I used to be bloated, craving sugar, and frequently full of cold. I’ve been using lean greens for just under 3 years, I’ve had 2 colds in that time, am rarely bloated, have less cravings and to top it all I love the taste - or lack there of! I find myself drinking it whenever I am thirsty, I really enjoy it. So give it a go - you will be pleasantly surprised."
Shelley T.
"I’ll let you know when it arrives x"
Valerie C.
Wouldn’t be without it now!
"I take these in the morning with my Good Fats Capsules and a Lean Greens drink,it’s only when I break this routine for a few days I realise how much good it does me! Stops bloating,cramps,keeps me regular andI’m less sore in general. I have IBS and low back pain(due to broken bones from years ago)"
Angela C.
Top quality, top service.
"I love my lean greens, they are my way to start the day. JD X "
Jeanie D.
Preferred customer
"Love the automatic shipment and the fact you can change your order anytime, just brilliant. Never without my lean greens perfect guys, best service ever."
Gill M.
Great taste, quick and easy nutrition
"I’ve been using Lean Greens for several years now and hands down it’s the tastiest greens drink I’ve found by a long way. It’s all very well something being good for you but you have to want to take it to make it a daily routine for it to really give you a positive benefit. "
mark w.
Love it 💚
"I’ve been using Lean Greens daily for about 4 years maybe a little longer and can honestly say no other greens powder comes close! If I skip a day or two then I definitely notice a difference in my eating and body functions. I even take my tub on holiday with me, I’ve often wondered what airport security think is in my little tub or sachets if hand luggage only 🤣"
Sian R.
Stick with it - it's worth it!
"Have to say it took me a little while to get to the stage of being able to gulp this down in one go but I got there and it's been so worth it! My energy levels are amazing and I have lost the sugar cravings that I used to really struggle with. Definitely recommend it."
Lisa S.
The best green drink available
"First think every morning , I have my glass of Lean Greens , it sets me up for the day and , I like to add a scoop of Organic Cacao Powder,to get my chocolate fix,they work together beautifully ,try it ,don't take my word .Enjoy ."
Celine W.
Keeps us regular!
"Easy to purchase on autorenew. Cannot be without it and as the title says, can set your watch by it and keeps us regular. "
Kerrie C.
Heya Kerrie Glad you're loving our subscription service. We think it's the easiest way to get your greens every month. Thanks again Tim - Lean Greens
My regular buy
"I’ve been buying lean greens for over a year now. I’m not a super user so I appreciate the fact that I can buy more when I need. I use it in my smoothies in the morning, tasteless (unlike many other versions) and blends well. It’s an important part of my health regime!"
paula g.
Lean greens
"OMG I feel amazing since starting using lean greens I no longer crave for junk food fixes and my bloated feeling I constantly lived with has now gone. I haven’t felt this good in years!"
Joanne P.
Truly Genuine and Fantastic Service
"I won't bore with too many details, but on the 11:30th hour, Sam was able to amend my order and ensure that I did not miss out for even 1 day of my 2.5yr supply of Lean Greens. I religiously have my Lean Greens everyday and SERIOUSLY tastes better than other greens and all naturally too. "
Gulshan M.
Green Goodness
"I always feel energised and have a higher sense of well-being when I consistently take Lean Greens. I subscribe now as i used to run out, then it would take me a few days to realise that was why I was feeling lethargic and bloated! Great product."
Ian c.
Love this product
"You need to get it out there! None of my friends have heard of this amazing product. I think you need to take a photo of all the raw ingredients in the product and next to them a pile of 3 teaspoons worth of lean greens. Then you need something like…”which one would you rather consume each day?” "
Gabrielle D.
Love it
"Great, it’s much better than chopping up a raw fish, squeezing all the oil out into a cup and downing that!"
Gabrielle D.
Like a kick start to every morning
"I have been using lean greens now for a few years. It has now just become part of my morning routine and I feel so much better for it. Every day it’s like a little hit of health and it genuinely makes me feel better (especially if there’s been a couple of drinks the night before!!). Since I’ve been taking it regularly I rarely get poorly and if I do, it’s short lived. I feel like my immune system is so much stronger. Highly recommended! "
Catherine B.
Super greens powder
"This really gives you a boost, the taste really does grow on you! I highly recommend this product."
Nicky T.
The whole enchilada
"Very good package, I love lean greens, tastes great and can really feel vitality from taking it "
grant A.
Love it!
"Have been using this for a couple of years & wouldn't be without it. My husband uses it as well now & we always make sure we pack it when we're going away as we definitely notice a difference if we don't have it in a morning. It's great using auto renew so we don't have to worry about running out."
Elizabeth R.
lean greens billions
"For the past 2 months I had been experiencing some digestive problems. I was feeling uncomfortable and bloated and eating meals was not something I looked forward to any more. I wondered if it was an age thing as I am approaching 50 but after watching a t.v program about gut bacteria i thought I would give billions a try. I have just finished my first month and I'm delighted to say the discomfort in my tummy has disappeared and I'm enjoying eating again. I have just ordered another 3 months worth of tablets. I would definitely recommend this product. Thank you very much lean greens 😊"
Dana A.
Hey Dana That's great to hear, glad you gave our product a try and it helped you so much. - Lean Greens
Nothing Comes Close
"Long time user of Lean Greens supplements and will never switch to another. The whole experience is top notch from the preferred membership to the incredible quality of the products. It's a hands free approach to getting your daily intake of vital nutrients, what's not to like?"
John W.
Best drink in town
"I absolutely love Lean Greens, it’s without doubt the best green drink on he market. Helps with cravings, helps with digestion and also is a great way to make sure that every morning I am able to wake up and refresh myself, regardless of how good my nights sleep was! Best and one of the only supplement I take. "
Thomas W.
Great product
"I've used Lean Greens in the past, and left it for a while. I've only just returned to using it, and it is as good as ever. No nasty taste, easy to use. If you're looking for a greens drink, then I'd look no further."
Katharine G.
Great purchase
"It tastes ok to me only just starting to use "
annette e.
Can’t fault it (well apart from the taste 😉)
"I have been using lean greens now for a number of years, even after all this time I still mix mine with with a vitamin C tablet or OJ. I find that I have more energy, illnesses don’t seem to last as long as they used to and with one before bed and one as soon as I wake up after a big night out the hangovers don’t last as long... "
Graeme C.
Graeme, thanks for the great review and for being a long time customer. The hangover thing is one of those hidden benefits of Lean Greens, our little secret ;) - Lean Greens
Wouldn’t be without it
"Have used Lean Greens for over 5 years and wouldn’t start the day without it Paula"
Paula L.
I love lean greens
"I’ve been using it for many years and never go without it and since taking it I’ve hardly had any colds 😊"
Karen B.
Hey Karen Thanks for the review... we get so many folk saying the same thing. Glad to hear you stay healthy with our products :) Regards Tim - Lean Greens
"Simple seamless service. I don’t know whether it’s the amber boost or combination with lean greens and good fats but I’ve been free from illness all winter."
Rachel W.
Heya Rachel Thanks for the great review. We've had a number of similar reports from happy customers, long may it continue for you. Regards Tim - Lean Greens