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Lean Greens
"Live it. Such a great taste compared to other brands. "
Linda T.
Great quality
"I love the quality of the products of lean greens. They have done their research. I only found out recently for tumeric to be absorbed properly you need to put pepper with it. So thank you for another great product. "
Nicole M.
Love love love it!!!
"I was introduced to this by a friend. Ill never be without it now! Thanks"
Shamah K.
Best I’ve tasted
"So over the years I’ve tried a lot of protein powder both Whey and plant based. They either upset my stomach or to be frank, taste disgusting - most are too sweet. LG’s protein powder is the best - just wish it came in chocolate too!"
Jo C.
Lean greens powder
"Very easy to do in morning with shaker and taste is ok. Feel good "
Anne O.
First tub of Lean Greens
"Thought I wasn't going to be able to drink the green liquid let alone like it. I have found it easy to drink with a neutral/light vanilla taste. Good service and no issues whatsoever. I am going to purchase another as it's helped my digestion, skin, energy and hunger. A good supplement to a healthy diet. "
Helen S.
Feeling Healthy
"Lean Green every morning for the past thee months. No colds or similar since."
Bob W.
Energy Boost!
"Instead of putting on the kettle and making myself a cup of tea each morning, I drank Lean Greens and I just knew, that although it tasted disgusting, it was waking up my body in a very healthy way."
Orla D.
Thanks Orla! Hopefully the taste will improve - that tends to happen over time :) - Lean Greens
Life changing
"Having been ill for quite a while and become used to endless sleepless nights that bring on migraines and never-ending fatigue, I can't believe I have slept every night for nearly 3 weeks! Normally to do that I have to stay up until I reach exhaustion, and virtually pass out and even then it’s not guaranteed and quite often I'm wide awake again after about 2 hours. HOWEVER - Since taking Drift Off I haven’t woken up since about the second night, I can't remember the last time I slept through this many nights in a row. Thank you! "
Sandie ..
Best ever protein drink
"This is so delicious, please make a chocolate version of this!! It helps me manage my protein intake. The flavour is the best I have ever tasted. Awesome thank you "
Nicole M.
Thanks Nicole! We do have a chocolate version coming, just not sure when :) - Lean Greens
No bloating, and tastes great
"I have never ***** a protein with more confidence, no bloating to be seen, and the taste is great. Not only this but the lower amount of carbs in the shake really helps to keep my diet lean which is a great help. Thouraghly recomened! If you feel the price is too high compared to others, think about what your putting in your body and how it feels to digest **** quality virus’s this type of premo quality "
Tom W.
Great product but far too
"Great product but far too expensive."
Uneasy Guts No More
"I've recently been suffering from uneasy guts, a lot of discomfort and wind. I decided to try the Lean Greens Billions as it worked wonders for me before. Wow what a transformation. I'm back to a healthy regularity and no more discomfort. Lean Greens again have been the answer to my prayers."
John W.
Awesome feedback John, so glad it helped you out in such a dramatic fashion. - Lean Greens
My GO TO Protein Powder
"I love this protein, it mixes so well and actually tastes good! And without the bloating issues of many other powders. FIVE STARS!"
Chris Hipsey
Thanks Chris. This is exactly the reason we created TRIM, taste good and no bloating :) - Lean Greens
Best greens on the market
"Best green drink out there, my clients often get cheaper, poor quality greens, and every single one take one drink and can’t stomach any more. Not just this, but I trust Lean Greens, and trust where they source all there green things "
Tom W.
Capsule pack
"Not been taking long enough to comment of effectiveness of the capsules but all packaged very well and seem like good quality. It says on the bottles to take with main meal but personally take them in the morning with my greens powder. "
Clare P.
Easy to mix & no bitter taste
"It is very easy to mix in the shaker. It is a fairly neutral taste and not bitter like some. I can’t say I’ve noticed a big difference since taking it, but I have a pretty good diet anyway. I do think it’s a good way to get nutrients into your system, particularly for someone who doesn’t eat many fruit and veg."
Patricia O.
"Always a first class service from Sam and Tim. You really feel part of the family. "
Alison D.
Lean greens
"Brilliant product, I have plenty of energy. And it’s really helping with my weight lose "
Karen O.
Heya Karen So glad you're loving Lean Greens, and it's helping with your energy levels and as a supplement to your weight loss goals. Thanks for feedback, its always appreciated Tim - Lean Greens
Give it a go!!!
"I will be honest, I did struggle with the taste at first but as many reviews said previously if you persevere you do get used to it, I now sometimes have lean greens twice a day and really do feel better for it. I recently ran out & had a 3 day gap without lean greens & I did notice not having it, I was craving it by the time it arrived. Give it a go, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed."
Christine D.
Heya Christine Thank you for the honest feedback. Everyone is different and people sometimes do struggle initially. But as you say, if you stick at it, it gets dramatically easier. So glad you stuck with it. Tim - Lean Greens
This works
"This has really helped me with my new lifestyle change and curbs my appetite so I can eat much later in the day which helps with my intermittent fasting "
Nicole M.
Thanks for the review nicole... so glad to hear it's helping be part of your lifestyle changes, this is exactly how we intend Lean Greens to be used. - Lean Greens
Tastes better than expected
"So easy to use. And the side effects are awesome "
Allison M.
Love Lean Greens
"Great product really makes a difference to my energy levels but definetely not a fan of the small 250g tubs. Fiddly and no scoop. Hoping by the time my next batch is due the normal pots will be available. Highly recommend the product though. Also it maybe a coincidence but in the last 2 years of using it I've managed to avoid every bug/cold going and I work in a Gp surgery....I don't think it's a coincidence."
susan m.
heya susan Glad you're seeing a change to your energy levels... I'm totally with you on the smaller tubs, unfortunately we got caught short with our latest batch. Thankfully all back in stock and your next order will be back to our usual big tubs :) Just drop us a message if you have any questions, Sam and I are happy to help. Regards Tim - Lean Greens
Overworked and over tiered
"Prior to lean greens drift off it’s fair to say I woke many times in the night with an overactive mind , since having these (one per night not two) I find I sleep better and wake less, feeling more fresher in the morning .. if it’s sycosmatic or not - I feel better, with the zinc it’s also helped my skin and whist I did try a cheaper brand I feel the extra pennies for a product I trust and does the job is well worth it. "
Julia W.
really great feedback Julia. Everyone sees different results with different doses. And at one capsule per day, the tub lasts twice as long... RESULT! drop us a message if you have any questions more than happy to help - Lean Greens
So good for the immune system
"There are so many benefits of using Lean Greens Powder. My teenage daughter has found it helps with her spots and I've found it basically stops me from getting ill - ever! Life is stressful so it's really good to have something to boost your immune system and help prevent minor illnesses."
Rachel D.
Heya Rachel That's awesome, good to hear it's helping keep your daughter spot free, and you on top of life's stresses and strains. Any time you've got questions about any of our products, just drop Sam or me a message... Regards Tim - Lean Greens
Didn't need to hold my nose, or anything!
"Honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect, but this has been a pleasant surprise. Not a gourmet gasronomical experience, but so much more palatable than I anticipated! I have more energy and less cravings. Win win. Will definitely buy again (might still recommend breath holding til you've swallowed it all though!)"
Allison M.
Heya Allison We'll take that as a win :) We try super hard to make greens taste decent, and I think we do alright when we get feedback like this. Drop us a message if you have any questions, happy to help where we can. Regards Tim - Lean Greens
"Having used lean greens for 2 weeks I love it! It is different and takes a little getting used to but now can’t start the day without it! Highly recommend "
Maureen S.
Impeccable product and service :)
"I have been drinking this every morning for several years and I my colds are now few and far in between and I know that when the sugar craving hits, a sip of the Lean Greens help me control myself! Sam and Tim are also super nice and the service is top notch. :) "
Christina E.
This stuff is amazing
"I’ve been drinking it for probably 2.5 years now every day and it’s amazing ..... I should be on commission I’ve recommended it to so many people!!!!"
Georgina J.
Wonder supplements
"I purchased these on behalf of my elderly father in lam following teasing a review commending this supplement in regards to reducing joint pain and stiffness. He is so happy and asked me to continue getting this as he no longer needs to purchase ibuprofen or heat pads and this has made the difference is hoped it would. "
Rebecca K.