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Super stuff!
"Love lean greens, convenient easy way to start the day healthily. Such a neutral taste that’s so easy to drink. I arrive at work much more alert each morning after my lean greens drink!"
Karen H.
Fantastic Product
"Love this product it has really helped my sleep pattern on my second bottle now would highly recommend"
annette e.
Lean greens
"Have been using lean greens for 8 months now and has helped with my diverticulosis problem although can’t take it straight have to mix with apple juice and a banana "
Irene H.
Lean greens
"I’ve had lean greens before, and then tried other greens powders, but have come back! It’s a brilliant product and really does help with my IBS issues"
Vanessa A.
"My boyfriend has taken lean Green products for around 2 years now. He finally persuaded me to try the protein to help with my protein intake throughout the day, we try to keep are carbs low, and it’s great. No bloating, and tastes like a vanilla milkshake! Seriously worth the money! "
Jessi J.
First Class
"I’ve read so many articles about the importance of healthy gut bacteria, and how much of a positive impact it makes to your overall health. Since I’ve been taking these I definitely feel better. Sam and Tim provide such a good service, you’re made to feel like one of the family."
Alison D.
Don’t bother with anything else.
"I love using the good fats formula, I’ve definitely noticed a difference in mobility and ease on my joints. Another excellent product."
Alison D.
"Have been taking the Amber Boost regularly for the last couple of months, I definitely feel better, and you’re getting a first class product and service from Sam and Tim. "
Alison D.
Tastes better than I thought.
"Loving Lean Greens so far. Easy to use, the cold water is a great tip! I seem to have more energy and it tastes so much better than I expected it to. Thanks Hayley "
Hayley W.
Love it!
"I’ve been having lean greens now for a couple of years. I literally love it and wouldn’t be without it - I always take it on holiday with me and I now have it shipped to Rome as we moved away from the UK and I didn’t want to give it up! I strongly believe having it everyday helps build a strong immune system - I don’t get nearly as many colds as I used to. It’s like a reset button for the system every morning and I instantly feel better after having it. After a few drinks the night before I can almost hear my body saying “Thank you!” "
Catherine B.
Amber Boost has saved me from endless pain and discomfort - I cannot thank you enough!
"Having had the painful hip condition of Perthes Disease as a kid, I was warned I would likely have knee troubles in my later life, they were not wrong. Last year I decided to start running to lose some weight, so I downloaded the best rated fitness app, followed it to the letter and 48 hours later I was …in agony! After 8 weeks of exceptional pain, MRI scans and multiple consultant appointments it was confirmed my knees were “knackered” (technical term!). I am now awaiting a double knee replacement and until that happens I am supposed to grin and bear the ongoing aches and pains, sudden spasms and continual discomfort caused by inflammation and the simplest of day-to-day movement. Enter Amber Boost. Within days of starting, the ongoing pain, I had endlessly endured in my knees, had gone. Even the spasms, that felt like a six-inch nail had been plunged into each knee, had stopped. I am certain this is down to Amber Boost. So how can I be so sure? Well, I take the two capsules daily and I have no pain, it’s that simple. However, if I forget a couple of days in a row, then wham! I’m on my knees, quite literally …and I am only relieved when I get back to the Amber goodness. So thank you Lean Greens, Amber Boost is amazing. I refuse to go a day without it! "
Effective diet supplement
"I used Lean Greens a few years ago. Swapped to other products, but have come back to Lean Greens. For me, this is a really useful product for making me drink more water and get more quality greens in my diet. I have irregular work hours so some days it is almost impossible to eat a proper meal at a normal time. Lean Greens ensures I get some regular nutrients in my diet. It also tastes good, which is a bonus."
Katharine G.
Lean greens
"Pleasant drink,some times difficult to totally dissolve,"
Bernard C.
So far - DEFINITELY so good!
"I’ve been using the Super Greens Powder for almost two months. (Historically, I ALWAYS have a bad cold in the month of December - this goes back 15+ years.) I have been surrounded by people coughing and sneezing in November and December, and have sailed through these months regardless. Really happy with the result. Really happy to recommend to others."
Anne W.
lean greens
"Awesome, I use lean greens everyday, you don't realise the impact until you stop taking it, really settles my tummy and grumbly insides, IBS gone, any wobbly moments I take a double dose."
Moe W.
"I bought this product for my brother in law having been recommended it by a friend who is positively addicted to it. My brother in law has been drinking it every morning and is now a firm believer in the benefits of the lean greens! Love all your emails too, thanks so much guys. "
Madeleine M.
Thanks so much Madeleine! - Lean Greens
Best greens on the market.
"When I write Lean Greens are the best. It's from experience. I've tried every one out there. Lean Greens mixes well, tastes creamy to me. My only niggle over my last orders is delivery time but I just make sure I order in advance of running out. "
George M.
Thanks so much for the review George! Drop me a message if you'd like some information about our subscription program which might be of interest to you :) - Lean Greens
Great stuff...
"I have been using for quite a while now and all good...."
Karen B.
Lean Greens
"Live it. Such a great taste compared to other brands. "
Linda T.
Great quality
"I love the quality of the products of lean greens. They have done their research. I only found out recently for tumeric to be absorbed properly you need to put pepper with it. So thank you for another great product. "
Nicole M.
Love love love it!!!
"I was introduced to this by a friend. Ill never be without it now! Thanks"
Shamah K.
Best I’ve tasted
"So over the years I’ve tried a lot of protein powder both Whey and plant based. They either upset my stomach or to be frank, taste disgusting - most are too sweet. LG’s protein powder is the best - just wish it came in chocolate too!"
Jo C.
Lean greens powder
"Very easy to do in morning with shaker and taste is ok. Feel good "
Anne O.
First tub of Lean Greens
"Thought I wasn't going to be able to drink the green liquid let alone like it. I have found it easy to drink with a neutral/light vanilla taste. Good service and no issues whatsoever. I am going to purchase another as it's helped my digestion, skin, energy and hunger. A good supplement to a healthy diet. "
Helen S.
Feeling Healthy
"Lean Green every morning for the past thee months. No colds or similar since."
Bob W.
Energy Boost!
"Instead of putting on the kettle and making myself a cup of tea each morning, I drank Lean Greens and I just knew, that although it tasted disgusting, it was waking up my body in a very healthy way."
Orla D.
Thanks Orla! Hopefully the taste will improve - that tends to happen over time :) - Lean Greens
Life changing
"Having been ill for quite a while and become used to endless sleepless nights that bring on migraines and never-ending fatigue, I can't believe I have slept every night for nearly 3 weeks! Normally to do that I have to stay up until I reach exhaustion, and virtually pass out and even then it’s not guaranteed and quite often I'm wide awake again after about 2 hours. HOWEVER - Since taking Drift Off I haven’t woken up since about the second night, I can't remember the last time I slept through this many nights in a row. Thank you! "
Sandie ..
Best ever protein drink
"This is so delicious, please make a chocolate version of this!! It helps me manage my protein intake. The flavour is the best I have ever tasted. Awesome thank you "
Nicole M.
Thanks Nicole! We do have a chocolate version coming, just not sure when :) - Lean Greens
No bloating, and tastes great
"I have never ***** a protein with more confidence, no bloating to be seen, and the taste is great. Not only this but the lower amount of carbs in the shake really helps to keep my diet lean which is a great help. Thouraghly recomened! If you feel the price is too high compared to others, think about what your putting in your body and how it feels to digest **** quality virus’s this type of premo quality "
Tom W.
Great product but far too
"Great product but far too expensive."