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Finish The ENTIRE Tub, If You Still HATE The Taste We'll Refund You

60 Day Taste Guarantee

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500g   |   1 SERVING/DAY   |   30 DAILY SERVINGS

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“Finally a greens that someone with a really sensitive taste ability and stomach can actually enjoy drinking such a potent and brilliantly designed supplement.”

- Katie Bevan

“I Would Rather Choke Back Pond Water Than Try Yet Another Foul Tasting Greens Drink”

Most tubs of Green Superfood powder sit only partially used at the back of the kitchen cupboard.

And probably, most of these poor, unused tubs have ONLY ever had one or two scoops used from them before being consigned to the top shelf well out of harms way.

The owner of the tub bought the product with great intentions, but after just one sip of the potent green mixture (AKA Pond Water), the inevitable gag reflex and probably a bit of choice language, the rest of that fluid was swiftly chucked down the sink.

Into the back of the cupboard to gather dust and disappointment, yet another failed and useless supplement.

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of Superfood powders, from all and sundry in the health and fitness world as well as the media, magazines and programs. I bet you’d love to see those benefits for yourself, wouldn’t you?

Let’s face it who doesn’t want more energy, less bloating, less cravings and more consistent body fat levels.

Am I right?

YES, but you’re frankly, and understandably, scared of the horrific taste. I hear you!

Which is why we’ve invested 10’s of thousands of pounds making sure that Lean Greens has a taste, lets face it you’ll STILL not want to mix it with vodka and have it over ice, BUT we are confident enough to have a UNIQUE 60 day Money Back Guarantee, based purely on TASTE.

We are that confident that we’ve created an actually palatable green superfood that has all the aforementioned benefits… the lack of bloating, the increased energy, the stable blood sugar levels… but with one BIG difference.

The difference being… you can actually drink it.

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Your Luxury Health Drink

Just 1 scoop a day of the silky smooth Lean Greens added to water or mixed with your favourite cold beverage can help you dramatically increase energy, kickstart your metabolism and give you a nutrient base not normally possible from your daily diet.